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Tuesday Tidbits

PhotobucketWe recently sent some interview questions to refresh ourselves on the NYC comedy progress of Chicago native, funnyboy John Mulaney, including the ridiculous query "Anything else cool and exciting on the horizon?" We didn't hear back from him for awhile, but we forgive him because, oh yeah, last week he started as a writer on Saturday Night Live. Mulaney is an improbable 25 years old, and, to echo the general consensus when Chicago-trained Matt Braunger got hired as a performer on MADtv, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

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Chicago is the #5 hardest drinking city in America, according to a somewhat spurious study reported in Forbes Magazine. Ahead of us? In order, Austin TX, Milwaukee, San Francisco, and Providence, RI. Does anyone else feel a challenge coming on?

Gapers Block's biggest comedy fan, Ramsin Canon, has interviewed Dan Telfer on Gapers Block's Arts and Culture site, in which Telfer discusses tomorrow night's The Office spec script reading at the Lakeshore Theater. Telfer has cast a killer lineup of Chicago comedy talent for his reading, including Rob Janas, Paul Luikart, Leslie Frame, Jamie Buell, Erica Reid, Sean Flannery, Hannibal Buress, Caitlin Savage, Crescent Prah, Kelsie Huff, Chris Walsh, and Todd Edwards, whose own spec script will be read before Telfer's, at 7:00.

-Elizabeth McQuern

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