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Friday Free-For-All

It's time for another installment of Claire Zulkey's brainchild Funny Ha Ha at The Hideout. This one's next Wednesday, July 30th, and it's Ladies Night, featuring readings and performances from "Amy Shearn, author of "How Far is the Ocean from Here", Wendy McClure, author of "I'm Not the New Me", renowned blogger Mimi Smartypants, Megan Stielstra, 2nd Story reading series curator, Cameron Esposito, local beloved comedienne, Chicagoist and Time Out Chicago's Margaret Lyons, and filmmaker Steve Delahoyde (who will only show films featuring ladies)."

Speaking of Cameron Esposito, she has been tapped by Seth Thomas to take over producing duties at Fourth Fridays at Town Hall Pub (3340 N. Halsted) starting with tonight's 9:30 show, which features Adam Burke, Andrew Dewitt, Brendan McGowan, Beth Stelling, and Seth Thomas. Free to get in, $7 pitchers, lots of laid-back comedy camaraderie. If anyone goes and takes photos, send us links!

Dan Telfer on AST, encapsulating the stand-up advice he is frequently asked for:

"Since I took over producing Chicago Underground Comedy, I get emails every day from people who want advice on doing stand-up in town. So I thought I would post a thread here specifically dedicated to it...First of all, as many ASTers will tell you, some of the best general stand-up advice out there is on Paul F. Tompkins' MySpace page. Read it now!...Go up before you're ready. Fail. Learn. If you "wait until you are ready" you will never go up, and you will die and that will be it...Go to open mics. Get on stage. Sit through rough sets and stand through rough crowds. Lose your nerve. Nothing is an indicator you shouldn't do it. You'll be great. Not great? Get back onstage. Do something that challenges you. Do something that makes you focus on your material. Do something the audience wants to see. But don't sit offstage pondering what goes wrong. Get back onstage and do something else...But back to Paul F. Tompkins' advice on his MySpace... Advice is stupid. Who the fuck am I? You can't do things that I did. I did them already. You going out there and finding yourself and your own brand of confidence is more valuable than anything another comedian can "give" you. So just go out. All the time. And find out what it is you want to be doing by just doing something and keeping the good parts."

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