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Eminem Defended From Chicago Comics By Fans Who Spell Poorly and Cuss a Lot

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Which popular Chicago stand-up comedian, Blerds staff writer, and one half of the Greatest Rap Duo Ever to Exist Ever, a.k.a. the Sugar Powdered Donuts, is getting death threats over at MySpace video? We don't really understand it, either. I mean, the man has a Kegerator, for gosh sake. Apparently, however, parody really is dead. Like yo ass gonna be!

(Bonus points for pop culture mavens who recognize that these particular fans are holding a shaky "Eminem can parody and mock Moby, Elvis, Dick Cheney, Saddam Hussein, various boy bands, and pretty much whoever else he wants, but no one else has that same right" stance.)

EDIT: The Bastion was just informed that Mike Holmes, a.k.a. the other half of the Greatest Rap Duo Ever to Exist Ever, a.k.a. the Sugar Powdered Donuts, has also been receiving threats. And these boys from Iowa thought filming on Chicago's Southside was tough! They haven't dealt with the tween contingency of MySpace yet.

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