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YouTube Bends to The Tea Party's Wishes, Bans Fake Crayola Spoof

A political sketch group called The Full Ginsberg got a digital half-nelson from a rapid assault pack of Tea Party people. Earlier this week, The Full Ginsberg posted to YouTube a video in which one of them pretends to be the CEO of Crayola, who's extremely pleased with the recent surge in marker sales. The shitty protest signs the teabaggers are making are helping Crayola's bottom line and 1st quarter profits are soaring or whatever.

The vid was picking up a couple thousand eyeballs and then ZOINK--YouTube turned off the utilities:

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Hallmark Cards, Incorporated."

The Apiary asked Eric Cunningham, a spokesperson for TFG for the story and he tells us, "Some tea partiers raised a stink and pretended to not get that it was a parody and asked Crayola to remove the video." With wistfulness and resolve, he then added, "Here's the Funny or Die version."