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Seth Herzog's Sweet Celebrates 7 Years of Laughter and Transdance (Before It Was Cool)

Many will blame Chaz Bono for turning our precious babies into transchildren once they see him thrusting his concave pelvis for Bruno Tonioli's delight on Dancing With the Stars. But has America ever considered the gender-questioning damage done to our youngsters by Seth Herzog? Sweet, which is (probably??) the LONGEST RUNNING independently produced weekly comedy show in America run by a man shuffling in a Wonder Woman outfit, celebrates 7 years of existence tomorrow night with a good old fashioned birthday blowout at Webster Hall. Janeane Garofalo and John Mulaney will be there and Patton Oswalt might drop by too. But not because he wants to, he just needs to get away from all the stinky garbage surrounding his luxury LES hotel!

Tickets here!



Seth Herzog | Photo: Anya Garrett

  • THE PLUG: Don't miss "Sweet" (feat. John Oliver, Jon Glaser, Will Forte, Jason Sudiekis, Todd Barry, Seth's mom, and others), happening TONIGHT @ 8PM at The Studio at Webster Hall | $5

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The Slipper Room is Closing; Sweet Searches For a New Home

In his weekly address to all his fans and email subscribers, Seth Herzog is saying that the LES burlesque venue where he's been hosting Sweet for the past 6 years, The Slipper Room, is scheduled to be demolished.. unless of course he shackles himself to the radiator and makes an emotional plea to sway the heart and mind of the approaching bulldozer operator:

So Yes, it's come time. The Slipper Room is closing in the first week of June. But not for good, they are tearing down the building and rebuilding it with the Slipper Room on the second floor. However that is going to take about a year (if it gets done at all). SO these are the LAST Five shows at the old Slipper Room. Will it move? Yes, I'm currently looking a new spaces. If you have any ideas let me know. Come down to the shows before its all over!

The last of the great Manhattan alt stand up rooms, Sweet has enjoyed an incredible run--there's no doubt these final shows will be huge.