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Scrabble for Cheaters, FTW

Photo: maniasakegirl

The dynamic word-tile-dropping duo of Paul Rudd and John Oliver didn't snag the big prize at 826NYC's Scrabble for Cheaters, but they did compete honorably and for a good cause. Jennifer 8. Lee has a tidy roundup of the night's events. As an aside, 826NYC is always looking for volunteers, so if you're unemployed and getting tired of taking so many naps, why not sign up and help kids with their homework after school. Cause if you don't have the moolah to feed your gut, then at least feed your soul. See ya next year, Cheaters!


Help Paul Rudd and John Oliver Cheat at Scrabble -- For Charity!

Support Scrapple for Eaters (Paul Rudd and John Oliver) | Photo courtesy of 826NYC

Scrabble for Cheaters: 826NYC is the annual charity Scrabble tournament hosted by 826NYC, the nonprofit based in Brooklyn where kids can get tutoring and help with their writing skills for free. But to fund their after-school programs, 826NYC has to raise money, and one of the more creative methods is their Scrabble for Cheaters tournament. The twist to this tournament, however, is in the players' ability to buy "cheats," such as trading out letters for $25, consulting the dictionary for $300, or inventing a word for $500. Indeed, the stakes are high but so are the bragging rights. In 2008, John Hodgman and teammate John Oliver got served by virtual nobodies, Davin and Elaine. Sarah Vowell moderated the round.

The Scrabble for Cheaters bracket can accommodate only 32 Scrabble pairs, you can still give to the cause by helping some of the more famous duos, Scrapple for Eaters (Paul Rudd and John Oliver) and Overall Wash (playwright Jonathan Marc Sherman and actor Peter Dinklage). All of the teams are soliciting donations. So help out! ... you know, for kids!


  • YOU can sign up to compete in this glorious tournament of tiles and trickery.