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Just for Laughs Chicago Wrap-up – Day Two

John Mulaney drops in for the second Drinking Buddies showWith more than seventeen venues over five days boasting one hundred performers, TBS Presents a “Very Funny” Festival: Just for Laughs was a veritable comedy whirlwind across the city of Chicago last week. Due to the sheer impossibility of hitting everything (or even close to everything), I decided to focus on the local stand-up showcases and see Chicago performers within the visiting energy of the festival.

After the opening festivities Tuesday, the plan for Wednesday was to visit with TJ Miller and the rest of the Drinking Buddies (Mike Bridenstine, James Fritz, and Kyle Kinane), at the Lincoln Lodge. Earlier in the day on Wednesday, a missive went out to announce a last minute warm-up “secret show” of Team Coco Presents the Conan Writers Live, to take place before Drinking Buddies at the Lodge. Being that the regular show of the writers was to be at a massive venue downtown the next evening, this was an exciting treat for those of us privy to the event. Unfortunately, there was no Andy Richter to be found in the house, but the incomparable Reggie Watts treated the audience to a much-too-short musical interlude, and Never Not Funny’s Jimmy Pardo kept the audience delighted throughout the evening as host (and even got a few cracks in on local comedy personality Fuzzy Gerdes, to the delight of those of us that know Fuzzy and his role here in the Chicago scene).

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GIVEAWAY: A Line 6 Delay Stompbox Autographed By Reggie Watts

The Laugh Button is giving away a Line 6 Stompbox signed by mad genie Reggie Watts in order to promote his new CD, Why S#!+ So Crazy?, available today on Comedy Central Records. Now you can spit out a beat, twirl some knobs, and sound like an unhinged maniac on a mobius strip shaped treadmill too! This isn't even our giveaway but we thought it was cool, details here:

5/18 – Minneapolis, MN @ Orpheum Theater
5/19 – Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theater
5/20 – Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theater
5/22 – Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall
5/30 – Atlantic City, NJ @ The Borgata, 7:00 & 10:30 shows
6/1 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
6/2 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
6/4 – Boston, MA @ Wang Center
6/5 – Boston, MA @ Wang Center
6/6 – Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun
6/7 – Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theater
6/8 – Washington, DC @ DAR Constitution Hall
6/14 – Atlanta, GA @ Fox Theater


News of the World

-- Toy Story 3: Just one month to go until the unmistakeable voice of Kristen Schaal gets channeled through a blue triceratops named Trixie.

-- Run, don't walk, your eyeballs over to the latest episode of Drunk History, featuring Jen Kirkman, Don Cheadle, Will Ferrell and Zoey Deschanel. Without a doubt, Jen Kirkman is my dream girl.

-- After approximately 1,000,000 vlog entries, Grace'n'Michelle will finally get paid by H&M to talk into their iMacs. Whether that payment will be made in the form of slashed clothing or Swedish kroner remains to be seen.

-- Cyborg Reggie Watts and playwright/director Tommy Smith have teamed up to create Transition. Watching this is like taking a glimpse of what all entertainment will be like in the year 3010.

-- Comedy "It" gals Candy Slice celebrate their one-year anniversary at Gotham City Improv this Friday night. In just one year, these ladies have racked up insane YouTube numbers. Hear them roar, indeed.

-- And speaking of funny ladies, the Funniest of Them All gets a release date for her movie -- Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is out in theaters on June 11. Watch the trailer now.


CD Release Mania: Matt McCarthy, Myq Kaplan, and Reggie Watts

Is your stand-up CD coming out soon? It's very possible! There are at least 3 albums prepped to drop in the next few weeks--2 of which appear to be produced by Comix's record label, Live at Comix.

Matt McCarthy - Come Clean | April 15th

Myq Kaplan - Vegan Mind Meld | April 27th

Reggie Watts - Why $#!+ So Crazy? | May 18th   



  • Which ones do you plan on buying??
  • If you could win one here, which would it be??
  • Would it kill us to post some sample tracks??
  • How many sales does it take to break even??
  • Is comedy CD development a profitable or lucrative enterprise??

Ask For It By Name: Reggie Watts for DieHard Batteries

What can we say about Reggie that we (Eliot and I), or anyone else for that matter, haven't said already? Exactly -- nothin'. So let's instead speak directly to the world of corporate advertising and sponsorship: You want Reggie Watts to endorse your products. Hell, you just need Reggie Watts around. Because he is a super-collider of awesomeness. In fact, you could power entire subdivisions on his awesomeness. You hear that, DieHard? Power up.

--Tip o' the cap to Scott Bateman for the tip. Were YOU or someone funny you know in a spot recently? Send the link!