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Pee Wee on the Foil Ball that is His Legacy

Pee-wee Herman Show set | Photo: S.W. Johnson"It may sound corny and stupid, but I had an opportunity to come in under the radar and do something important. Sesame Street was already on, but it was very corporate in a certain way, and I just felt I had this opportunity to be entertaining, less 'we're going to learn the letter Q today.' They had that covered. I was going to be lighter and more specific, more like: All your friends got invited to a party, and you didn't. I was so lucky--I was presented with such an opportunity. And if I can pat myself a teeny-tiny amount on the back, I delivered. I was in a position to shape a certain percentage of kids who watched, teach them things that I think are important in life, like the golden rule, and wrap it up in colorful eye candy and make it seem like fun. It would be hard to do that at all today--and I got to do it for five years. And not only that, I can feel the effects still. I'm meeting people who say they are an artist because of my show. It's staggering. People say, 'Do you have any idea what a difference you made?' No, but I’m starting to." -- Paul Reubens in a recent interview with New York Magazine