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Stand Up For Diversity and Step Away From Detours

We got this email today from a company called Gotcast which says they're holding online auditions on behalf of NBC:

The NBC Universal Talent Diversity Initiative is currently searching the country for comedians from diverse backgrounds.  The Stand-Up for Diversity program has helped launch many comedians’ careers through industry showcases and nation-wide events.

Full details of the talent search can be found at: _____

The Stand-Up for Diversity program has helped launch many comedians’ careers through industry showcases and nation-wide events. All Top50 eligible most-voted member videos will be submitted to NBC for review, and at least one person will be selected for a live interview.

Guess you upload a video and get your friends to vote on you and then you win a chance to audition or something. We were about to post the info as-is, but it seemed a little weird so we typed 'gotcast' into Google and saw the following condemnation before we finished keystrokin':

Suddenly this Gotcast site is reminding us of a pickled beet and goat cheese terrine, aka something you should keep far away from. The NBC Universal Diversity Talent Initiative is a real thing though and Stand-Up for Diversity is legit--live auditions are being held this summer in New York, San Antonio and San Francisco. Not online.

The official NBC Talent Universal Initiative site, DiverseCity NBC, gives some sage advice to people who are curious about auditioning for Stand Up for Diversity or anything else:

Usually your agent or manager will tell you about auditions. If you don't have one there are several places to find out about non-union as well as some union auditions: Backstage West, Breakdown Services - Actors Access,, or the NBC Diverse City job board just to name a few. But be realistic about where you are in your career. If you do not have a SAG card, try going out on some non-union films and commercials to build that reel and those contacts. If you keep yourself working, the momentum will eventually build into better and better jobs.


"What do we want? Conan! When do we want him? 11:35!" Shouts Angry Mob Outside 30 Rock

A crowd of probably a hundred orange-clad protesters amassed outside the NBC Experience store at Rockefeller Center yesterday to rally for Conan and shout cruel, disparaging remarks towards NBC executives and their administrative assistants in the offices high above.  Won't they listen??

People came from all over, some with posterboard attached to their heads, to give NBC an earful

After escaping from prison, this lady found a clever use for her outfit

The people demand answers!

An agent from FOX was SPOTTED lurking nearby; is he gonna offer Conan a show or what?


  • Jay is a liar, he said he'd retire!
  • Leno has cars, Conan has kids!
  • Jay should stop cryin', we want O'Brien!
  • 4th Place, 4th Place! (chanted in the style of "Airball" at anyone wearing an NBC uniform i.e. Experience Store employees)
  • Heroes is confusing!
  • Jay's not funny, he does it for the money!
  • All we are saying, is give Conan a chance. (sung in the style of "Give Peace a Chance")

While the NYC protest turned out to be a rather calm, non-violent affair, we learned that things got ugly at the LA rally when a brutal street fight broke out between Jay and Conan.

--via The Daily What



Message Boards Explode in Wake of Leno Debacle

The stunning Leno reshuffle sent the AST message board into a tizzy, with users almost unanimously banding together to create virtual puffy paint Team Conan signs.  A few unique insights from the boarders stood out:

They are actually taking another very big and unprecedented gamble with a 30 minute show that starts off after 11:30. You would think they learned their lesson after Jay's current show. Unfortunately, when they look at what they perceive as a lack of success with Jay and Conan's shows, they probably see it as Conan being the one fucking things up. Things were great before when Jay started at 11:30 and Conan started at 12:30. Why did Conan have to go and ruin everything? I guess they may even be right, if all you care about is numbers. --Berliner

And this one:

If you look at it from Conan's side, he's the boss. His decision affects an entire staff of people who are relying on him for their jobs. (Of course they can find other work, but still). If he walks, he's essentially laid off a staff of talented and devoted people who uprooted themselves from New York to ride this train to hell.
I think Conan will take the new time slot just to keep the show going. The media is stating that Fox is not interested in taking him on anymore, nor is ABC. --Trikywu

Noticeably absent so far from the fiery online discussion are the usually chatty Tonight Show staffers who can be seen lurking on the board but not commenting.  All eyes will be on the monologues tonight.


NBC: Bringing Must-See Back

NBC's new Thursday night line up was damn fine last night. Way to go, television network! Shout out to our boy Hulu for getting these up so fast. We have to wait 8 days for It's Always Sunny to be available, booooo.

Weekend Update - 9/17

Parks & Recreation - Season 2: Ep 1

The Office - Season 6: Ep 1

Community - Pilot

The Jay Leno Show - 9/17