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The Wit of The Onion's Jean Teasdale, Now in Book Format

Hey Jeanketeers--The Onion's cherished human interest columnist, Jean Teasdale, wrote a book.

Here's a paragraph from the intro of A Book of Jean's Own! that cracked me up:

"Should I call myself an average, humble homemaker who lives at 1567 Blossom Meadows Drive, Apartment 4B? I could, but it would mean leaving so much out, because this homemaker has worn many hats in her day. It's true: if you live in my area, you've probably known me at various times as your supermarket cashier, your drugstore cashier, your liquor store cashier, your truck-stop waitress, your bowling-alley shoe booth clerk, your junior shampooist, your assistant florist-trainee, your soft-serve ice cream server, your advertising-flyer deliverer, your discount clothing-store calse associate, your indoor flea-market vendor, and your data-entry clerk. You may also know me as one of the Pamida's best customers. Or you may know me as the woman who dresses up in bunny ears every Easter and waves to cars from the balcony-porch of her apartment. For it's true, I am all those things."

A book release party was thrown Monday night at Kettle of Fish, a West Village bar that shares a Wisconsin heritage with The Onion. Tucked in the back corner of the tavern, the mind behind Jean, Maria Schneider, mingled alongside Onion staffers Joe Garden, Joe Randazzo, Seth Reiss, Todd Hanson, graphic artist Bob Fingerman, and the UK's #1 Friend of Jean, Peter Serafinowicz.  Jackie Harvey and Jim Anchower were no-shows; maybe they're too busy drafting their own manuscripts?   A Book of Jean's Own! is available now from St. Martin's Press.