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Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen @ Littlefield - 6.27.11

You don't need to be swimming in your t-shirt to feel good at Hot Tub, Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal's weekly Park Slope party at Littlefield.


--Kurt and Kristen played Guess Who? with the SOLD OUT CROWD to find a lucky RANDOM AUDIENCE MEMBER who was then tasked with pelting a moving Adira Amram Experience backup dancer with a ball of some kind. Deep within the chest of the dancer who got hit was a slip of paper revealing which bit Kurt and Kristen would do. Tonight, that bit was "Whoopie Cushion." Kristen then came out dressed as a whoopie cushion and Kurt sat on her.

--Area rocker Ted Leo noodled out 4 songs. All sounded very serious.

--Kristen introduced surprise guest Aziz Ansari saying he's performed for "probably a thousand people." He did a long set, working through baby phobias and general anxiety about adulthood.

--SHOUT OUTS: Rappers Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane and Wiz Khalifa each got name dropped in stories by comedians and it made me think I need to listen to less Ke$ha in order to fully appreciate modern jokes. Is this what you kids are listen to these days?

--Tough break for the Target at the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn. It got booed (for being shitty) during one of Wyatt Cenac's bits. :(

Rachel Feinstein

Adira Amram and the Experience

Ted Leo

Wyatt Cenac



On behalf of everyone here at The Apiary, I would like to say that this Daily Show clip makes us overwhelmingly proud to be friends with Kristen Schaal. Nobody does it better.


Ask For It By Name: Zach Woods for Starburst

I remember lunchroom arguments about which was better: Starburst or Mamba. The answer: Neither -- they're both good. Just like this ad featuring an Asian Scotsman and a zombie-fied Zach Woods (The Stepfathers, The Office). Hm. I just watched this ad again. I take it back. Starburst is better. If only because they pick ad agencies that know how to stretch concepts, but not just for the sake of stretching. Cases in point, these two separate ads featuring area comedians Matt Oberg and Rick Younger and Kristen Schaal from a while back.



News of the World

-- Toy Story 3: Just one month to go until the unmistakeable voice of Kristen Schaal gets channeled through a blue triceratops named Trixie.

-- Run, don't walk, your eyeballs over to the latest episode of Drunk History, featuring Jen Kirkman, Don Cheadle, Will Ferrell and Zoey Deschanel. Without a doubt, Jen Kirkman is my dream girl.

-- After approximately 1,000,000 vlog entries, Grace'n'Michelle will finally get paid by H&M to talk into their iMacs. Whether that payment will be made in the form of slashed clothing or Swedish kroner remains to be seen.

-- Cyborg Reggie Watts and playwright/director Tommy Smith have teamed up to create Transition. Watching this is like taking a glimpse of what all entertainment will be like in the year 3010.

-- Comedy "It" gals Candy Slice celebrate their one-year anniversary at Gotham City Improv this Friday night. In just one year, these ladies have racked up insane YouTube numbers. Hear them roar, indeed.

-- And speaking of funny ladies, the Funniest of Them All gets a release date for her movie -- Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is out in theaters on June 11. Watch the trailer now.