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Conan O'Brien Live - Team Coco Tour Dates

Conan O'Brien announced on Twitter today that he's hitting the road for a 30-city tour.  Tickets are going crazy fast but 2nd shows are being added in most major metropolises.  Fire up the RV, he's even emcee-ing stages at Bonnaroo! Check or @conanobrien for up to the minute details.

Conan O'Brien Prohibited Tour Dates

April 12 - Eugene, OR - TICKETS
April 13 - Vancouver, BC - TICKETS
April 16 - Spokane, WA - TICKETS
April 17 - Enoch, AB - TICKETS
April 18 - Seattle, WA - TICKETS
April 22 - San Francisco, CA - Nob Hill Masonic Center - TICKETS
April 23 - San Francisco, CA - Nob Hill Masonic Center - TICKETS
April 24 - Universal City, CA - TICKETS
April 29 - San Diego, CA - TICKETS
April 30 - Phoenix, AZ - TICKETS
May 1 - Las Vegas, NV - TICKETS
May 4 - Reno, NV - TICKETS
May 5 - San Jose, CA - TICKETS
May 6 - Sacramento, CA - TICKETS
May 9 - Boulder, CO - TICKETS
May 13 - Dallas, TX - TICKETS
May 14 - Austin, TX - Austin Music Hall - TICKETS
May 15 - Tulsa, OK - TICKETS
May 16 - Kansas City, MO - TICKETS
May 18 - Minneapolis, MN - TICKETS
May 19 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre - TICKETS
May 20 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre - TICKETS
May 22 - Toronto, ON - TICKETS
May 30 - Atlantic City, NJ - Borgata - TICKETS
June 1 - New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall - TICKETS
June 2 - New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall - TICKETS
June 4 - Boston, MA - Wang Theater - TICKETS
June 6 - Uncasville, CT - TICKETS
June 7 - Upper Darby, PA - TICKETS
June 8 - Washington, DC - Constitution Hall - TICKETS
June 11 - Manchester, TN - Bonaroo Music Festival - TICKETS
June 14 - Atlanta, GA - Fox Theatre - TICKETS


"What do we want? Conan! When do we want him? 11:35!" Shouts Angry Mob Outside 30 Rock

A crowd of probably a hundred orange-clad protesters amassed outside the NBC Experience store at Rockefeller Center yesterday to rally for Conan and shout cruel, disparaging remarks towards NBC executives and their administrative assistants in the offices high above.  Won't they listen??

People came from all over, some with posterboard attached to their heads, to give NBC an earful

After escaping from prison, this lady found a clever use for her outfit

The people demand answers!

An agent from FOX was SPOTTED lurking nearby; is he gonna offer Conan a show or what?


  • Jay is a liar, he said he'd retire!
  • Leno has cars, Conan has kids!
  • Jay should stop cryin', we want O'Brien!
  • 4th Place, 4th Place! (chanted in the style of "Airball" at anyone wearing an NBC uniform i.e. Experience Store employees)
  • Heroes is confusing!
  • Jay's not funny, he does it for the money!
  • All we are saying, is give Conan a chance. (sung in the style of "Give Peace a Chance")

While the NYC protest turned out to be a rather calm, non-violent affair, we learned that things got ugly at the LA rally when a brutal street fight broke out between Jay and Conan.

--via The Daily What