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Whooooooo is it?

Adam Pally plays "Max" on ABC's "Happy Endings" | Photo: ABC/Karen NealBy: Keith Huang

Hey, it's Adam Pally, a cast member of the new ABC comedy "Happy Endings." Before he carpetbagged it to Los Angeles with the rest of his talented comedy brothers and sisters, I enjoyed Pally's improv with Death by Roo Roo on the UCB stage. And now he's on a network-TV comedy. It's pretty insane.

Although I initially balked at the show, judging the book strictly by its hacky cover title, I laughed aloud at the trailer for the pilot episode. "These jokes are good," I thought, "and I can't believe I'm actually laughing aloud at a moving image on the Internet." After watching the first episode, I'm still surprised that some of the jokes made it through the writers' room. I often wonder how difficult it must be to write comedy that has an edge to it, but also appeals to the American masses.

The chiefs at ABC were smart to put "Happy Endings" right after "Modern Family," which has already hit its comedic stride and proven itself a ratings blue chip. And to add to its favor, the show features Casey Wilson, one of the two incredibly funny women (Michaela Watkins) who were cut from SNL after one season. Last week, Adam Pally reached out to talk about the show. Here are a few of his questions and answers:

You character Max is described on the Web as "the group's openly gay friend who is still sensitive about his parents divorce and being overweight in college." Was this the role you originally read for?
I read for Max and Dave but they thought I was more Max than Dave because Max is more of "a dude" than Dave. And what am I gonna do huh? I'm all dude. And I am a little chubby, and I'm a little gay.

The trailer for the show has some great bits. In fact, I'm kinda surprised ABC would let something like "pexted" make it through. As a comedy guy, what do you think of the writing?
I was super pleased with the writing. David Caspe, who created the show, has a really fresh voice. It's always hard trying to do edgy stuff on network TV but ABC was really supportive about getting the funniest stuff in the show, which is great.

So is "Happy Endings" the "'Friends" of the new millennium"?
If this show is the "Friends" of the new millennium it would be fucking awesome and I would have such a kick-ass drug-and-whore-induced breakdown. God, that would be great.

Holy shit, everybody in your cast is hot. Please respond.
Yes, everyone in the cast is hot, except me, which is not rare for network TV. But what is rare is that everyone in the cast is also batshit, kill-a-drifter style crazy, including me.

Elisha Cuthbert was on Kimmel last week to promote the show. You must be angry about that. I mean, happy for the show but angry you weren't asked.
Look, I'm not above being pissed or jealous of my fellow actor getting more attention than me, but I was only happy to see Elisha on Kimmel. She looked super hot and she killed, and I hope to do the show later in the month so there, fuck you Elisha, you think you're better than me?

Who's tweeting the show?
Jayson Berger is Tweeting on behalf of the writers room. He's doing a bang-up job. Follow him at @happywrites.

Lastly, and this is just for the fans, can you tell me what it's like to be an improv / comedy guy who's on a show that's about to go nationwide? I mean, seeing you in a Twix ad is one thing, but knowing that you're going to be on so many TV screens ... what's it feel like? Honestly.
Its awesome. I'm super lucky, and I'm really proud of the show.

Thanks for knocking that last question out of the park, Adam! PS. Stop emailing and driving!