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The House of Blue Leaves @ The Walter Kerr Theatre - 4.13.11


Ben Stiller and Edie Falco headline The House of Blue Leaves, a revival of a 1971 Tony nominated play about the intersection of religion, celebrity, and delusion. The show is now in previews for a "strictly limited engagement."


--SYNOPSIS: Stiller plays a middle aged songwriter who's past his prime and never made it. But on this day, the stars begin aligning. The pope is coming to New York City. He's in love with a pretty young thing. And Stiller's bigshot Hollywood friend from childhood took his phone call.  Although Stiller is saddled with a wife who's slipped into dementia, a son who's gone postal, and the reality of his limited talent--things are looking bright for the first time in a long time. Until of course, they stop looking bright.

--Stiller is great but Edie Falco gets the win for playing his sad, manic wife who gently meanders around the stage subtly twitching and fidgeting like a real crazy person. Imagine the anxiousness on your dog's face when he needs to go outside. She kinda looked like that for two hours.

--FULL CIRCLE: Ben got his big break doing this play 25 years ago in a 1986 revival at Lincoln Center. 15 years before that, his mom, Anne Meara, starred in the original. You can expect his kids, Ella and Quinlin Stiller, to star opposite each other in the 2026 revival on the moon where we will all be living by then.

--I picked the wrong day to wear my pleated, sausage casing-like khakis: noted Vogue editor Anna Wintour was sitting right behind me! She was there with a Louis Vuitton clutch and a man who was basically a life-sized version of a Louis Vuitton clutch. Where was Roger Federer??

--Jennifer Jason Leigh's character has a one-liner in the show about how she reads Vogue to know what she'll be wearing 3 years from now.  I looked back for Wintour's reaction and it was blank. 


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Extended Run Offers a Nice Unobstructed View From the Upper Mezzanine

"I approve of Extended Run's content!"

Steve Cronin is one of the members of the improv/sketch collective Blood Money. In his spare time, he moonlights as the Michael Riedel Jr. of the Tumblr set as proprietor of Extended Run. Steve has one ear to the ground listening for all the latest Broadway happenings while his other ear has a Beats by Dr. Dre headphone pumping in the smooth tribal sounds of Disney's The Lion King 24/7. Here are some Extended Run posts I liked:


Broadway Week!

There are 525 thousand 600 minutes in a year, but only 5 business days worth of them are dear enough for the season of love that is Broadway Week on The Apiary.

"Broadway, yecchh! Who cares what the cast of Frasier now does with their lives?," is a reaction most people have to the question, "Want to see a Broadway show?" But in fact, it's no longer just those guys tooling around on stage--the place is crawling with all sorts of A-list comedy types right now. Figured we should see what all the hubbub is.

So, in addition to tips and recaps and other stuff, the following BURNING questions will be answered this week:

  • How do I pick a show?
  • How do I get cheap tickets?
  • Should I wait around after the show to block a Broadway star's limousine dash so he or she could autograph my chest?
  • How should I organize and display my mint condition Playbills?
  • Won't someone please buy all these Playbills off me?
  • Should I see American Idiot before it closes even though the last time I wanted to hear Green Day songs for 90 straight minutes, I was 12 years old and my brain hadn't finished developing?

And others!