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The Pee Wee Herman Show Silly Bandz

The coolest kids at the elitest elementary schools in Manhattan will be seen sporting these Pee Wee Herman Show glow-in-the-dark silly bandz today. I'm sure there will be a big piece about it in Sunday Styles this weekend.

The Pee Wee Herman Show opened for previews last night on Broadway and the merch booth inside The Sondheim Theater was selling these for $10 bucks a pack. Which comes out to about 83 cents each. (Editors Note: If you use Silly Bandz for functional purposes i.e. holding bundles of documents together, there are less costly alternatives.)


La BĂȘte @ The Music Box Theatre - 9.25.10

I generally don't see a lot of Broadway shows because the tickets are too pricey, but someone offered me a comp for La Bête and how can one resist? -- it features AbFab's Joanna Lumley! -- I bit. La Bête is a comedy that made its Broadway debut in the early 90's, lasted a couple of weeks and was buried for nearly two decades before someone decided to cast an undead spell on it and run it past London audiences with the intent of bringing it back to New York. So now, the show is back for a "strictly limited engagement" which may or may not be Broadway speak for "We have a hunch that approximately 2 people will like it! But if more than that do, then I guess we'll keep it going."

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