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Jeff Garlin's Combo Platter @ The UCBT-NY - 8.18.10

Jeff Garlin at the UCBT-NY | Photo: Paul Gale

Jeff Garlin's Combo Platter generally takes place every Sunday at the UCBT-LA but since Jeff's been holed up in NYC shooting a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, he squeezed his platter into the UCBT-NY calendar. What a treat!


--Garlin's act is that he doesn't have an act--he potters around onstage streaming his consciousness while telling funny stories that lead to funnier asides.

--The opener was a band of tiny tweens called Supercute!. I imagine the biggest concern now of most people their age is whether Target will be having a Back-to-School sale on pencils, but these girls problems deal mainly with where to relax in Stockholm, the Netherlands, and Berlin while they're on their fall tour through Europe.  One of the members of Supercute! is also the daughter in The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players.

--Garlin spent a considerable amount of time giving things away. He said he gets lots of free stuff he'll never use, so he just doles it all out at his shows. Stuff tonight included: gourmet chocolates, screeners from the Discovery Channel, and Lopez Tonight DVDs (amongst other things). There wasn't much of a barrier to entry to win or whatever--he'd hold something up and an audience member would say "I want that" and then he'd hand it to them.

--A strange moment occured when someone tried to gift something onto Jeff during his giveaway: a Curb Your Enthusiasm spec script.  Jeff backed away like it was new strain of flesh eating bacteria, saying that a) Larry writes all the scripts and b) every idea he's ever heard for an episode of Curb is unfunny. The guy insisted he just take it and Jeff insisted that he wouldn't. The oddest part about the incident was that Garlin knew the guy--he was someone who had booked him decades ago at The Village Gate when Garlin was a rising comic.

--Amy Schumer and Jessi Klein rounded out the show. 

Supercute! | Photo: Paul Gale

Jessi Klein, Amy Schumer and Jeff | Photo: Paul Gale