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Delocated Returns with New Characters, Same Ski Masks

By: Nat Towsen

America's favorite anonymous reality-TV star returns to the digital airwaves this weekend as Delocated begins its second season on Adult Swim. The stakes are raised this time around--Sergei Mirminsky (Steve Cirbus) to take over the job of killing Jon (Jon Glaser), leaving his brother Yvgeny (Eugene Mirman) to pursue his vodka-centric standup career. Meanwhile, Jon struggles to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend (Zoe Lister-Jones), aided only by the emotional terror of his situation.

The season premiere, airing this Sunday on Adult Swim at 10PM EST/PST, sees the always-hilarious Jerry Minor join the cast as network executive Mighty Joe Jon, The Black Blond. With characters dropping like flies that stepped afoul of the mafia, one hopes that Minor makes it through the season. The episode also features plenty of Jon Glaser's beautiful shamelessness and a stellar cameo by Todd Barry as "himself."

Episode two prominently features Jon Glaser's dick. It is, of course, censored. Not out of shame, but out of a desire to preserve the reality-TV aesthetic. These guys are pros.