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Let's face it, our economy is in the shitter because of Facebook, Twitter and computer games like Civilization. The way I see it, creator Sidney K. Meier invented a computer virus that users not only willingly install, but knowingly allow it to do its thing: Prohibit any real work getting done. Imagine a rudimentary steampunked Civilization game introduced at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Now imagine an alternate universe where we're still crapping in caves. That's why the ad guys could only take this web campain in one direction: A community-center room filled with Civilization junkies. And why they had to cast longtime Apiary pal Adam Lustick (Snakes, Harvard Sailing Team) as "Rob T." Lustick's ability to play earnest isn't really something you can teach, and without fail, he can suck you in with it almost effortlessly. Get better, Rob T. It's not your fault.

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Snakes Drop 'Not Ready to Die'

Billy and Adam are 'Snakes' | Album artwork: Tim Bierbaum

Somehow "comedy rap duo" doesn't quite fit for funny boys Adam Lustick & Billy Scafuri, aka "Snakes." Billy and Adam, who also perform weekly with Harvard Sailing Team, have been good pals for years and their flow definitely shows it. But more importantly, these two white boys share a deep-rooted respect for (and knowledge of) rap and hip-hop. They've got that love of the genre that has significantly altered their DNA. For several months, Snakes have been holding down some of those gritty, Saturady @midnight slots at UCB-NY. And during the recent New York Comedy Festival, Time Out gave 'em the hot nod most comedy-types dream about. Full disclosure, Billy and Adam are my boys -- and Billy is part of Team Librarianist here at The Apiary -- but give their mp3s a spin o' the thumb, and you'll hear that praise earned. Handily.


Ask For It By Name: Billy Scafuri for Mini Cooper

I think the MiniCooper needs to appear in another feature film starring Ed Norton and Marky Mark to regain its share of the little-car market, at least among Americans. Or they can just punch out a dozen more ads featuring longtime Apiary pal Billy Scafuri (Harvard Sailing Team). And while the Paulie Walnuts cameo feels a little shoe-horned in, I think they might have gotten more mileage (sorry) had he just reprised his famous Sopranos line: "He said the guy was an interior designer from Czechoslovakia!"