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Tonight Show Website Heading to Internet Stockyard

Every blogger dreams of writing The Tonight Show Insider, and for 7 months, Aaron Bleyaert got to do it. Last night he published his final blog entry and mentioned that everyone needs to get their last clicks in before the site is gone 4ever:
As for this site, I feel bummed to be leaving it... Me and the excellent digital team over at put so much hard work into making it sweet, but what can you do? I don't know how long this site will be up; I've been lobbying for it to remain up as long as possible, but it's not my decision. My point: If you've got posts you wanna go back and read, or videos you wanna go back and watch, I'd do it sooner rather than later. Our show will be in repeats through the Olympics, and after that, what happens to this place is anyone's guess. It could be left up forever (which would be really awesome), or it could get taken down tomorrow (which would be the opposite of really awesome). That's just life, I guess.