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Eleven Heads on 11/11 | Koren Ensemble
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Adam Newman & Horse | Photo: Mindy Tucker



Jon Benjamin & Brian Posehn | Photo: Larry Murphy

We love to receive photos with little to no context. Comedian Larry Murphy dropped this in our mailbox this morning with the following message: "Jon benjamin and b posehn at comic con on the streets of SD." Thanks, Larry!



Comedian Bill Hicks once sounded his barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world: "Play from your fucking heart!" which is pretty much the only thing you can ever truly ask of an artist or performer, regardless of their discipline. So here we have Mr. Henry Zebrowski, carrier of the elusive, yet alluring, X-factor gene, which makes people want to watch every Goddamn thing he does. I have been a fan of Mr. Zebrowski's for some time, and I challenge anyone within earshot to refute his play-from-the-heart performance ethic. Though to be fair, it is something that permeates the entire sketch-comedy troupe Murderfist, to which he belongs. Also, he's a helluva nice guy. Good on you, Henry. (Via The PIT) --K.H.


Ann Carr Eats a Sad Cheesy Biscuit in The Michelle Cremberry Show

Ann Carr goes once again to that special place where mania, anxiety, sadness, and modern life combine in The Michelle Cremberry Show, a new video by Serious Lunch.

THE MICHELLE CREMBERRY SHOW from Serious Lunch on Vimeo.




Jaime Andrews, Jessica Rionero and Angelica Pasquini | Photo: Shameel Arafin

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Grace Helbig & J Hobart B | Photo: Eric Michael Pearson

Wanna plug? E-mail me photo & credit. And join our flickr group. Send 10 days in advance.


GIVEAWAY | A pair of tickets to The Paley Center to see Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant

TOMORROW NIGHT at The Paley Center For Media, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant will discuss their new book (Writing Movies For Fun & Profit) and share their winning insider life tips and strategies with the world. We have two pairs of RUSH passes to give away. Hurry! Here are the details:

Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon made their names with such fresh, innovative television comedies as MTV’s beloved cult sketch show The State and Comedy Central’s uproarious Reno 911! They have also written successful screenplays—including the likes of Herbie: Fully LoadedThe PacifierBalls of Fury, and the Night at the Museum films—which have grossed in excess of one billion dollars. Expanding on their new guide about their time in the Tinseltown trenches (Writing Movies for Fun and Profit) Garant and Lennon will hold forth on the process of mainstream Hollywood screenwriting…and earning scads of dough.

TICKETS/INFO: Writing Movies For Fun & Profit: Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant @ The Paley Center - 7/13

Writing Movies For Fun and Profit from Thomas Lennon


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Love Letters to 'Louie' - Steve Siddell

Photo courtesy of Steve Siddell

By: Keith Huang

Welcome back to "Love Letters to Louie," an unabashedly sycophantic meta-review of the television show "Louie" (Thursdays, 10:30PM on FX).

Today's semi-annual installment comes from Steve Siddell, a good friend of The Apiary, who worked as a gaffer on several episodes during the first season.

Steve is a member of the improv troupe Handsy, and can be seen fairly regularly on your TV box. He also recently starred in this excellent short video, "Conversations."

Steve writes:

"It can be frustrating to be an actor and performer whose day job is lighting for movies. Working as the gaffer on some of 'Louie' was the closest I came to breaking down and begging to be given a part. It was also one of the only things I've worked on as a technician where I would read the sides everyday (usually it's all garbage and I ignore them).

It was a pretty small crew and most people knew I did comedy stuff. I also had a few commercial spots running so I was secretly hoping that through some crazy star alignment Louie would hear about a show I was doing or see one of my spots and then cast me in some brilliantly deadpan role in an episode. That never happened, he just kindly called me a "fucker" when I tried to sneak a light on set that he didn't think was needed.

Photo: Eric Liebowitz/FX NetworksLouie definitely knew what he wanted and no one could possibly argue that the show isn't entirely his -- including the lighting. From a lighting perspective it could be difficult working for him because most scenes he just didn't want to light. We would move so fast that it seemed more like a student film than a TV show and he seemed to see the lighting guys as an annoyance rather than an asset.

However, it was fascinating for me, as a comedy person, to watch him work. Since it was his show from top to bottom and since he's a comedian, he placed the most value in maintaining a rhythm and moving quick enough that stuff stayed fresh and funny to him.

I also admired the way he would direct actors. He seemed to do a lot of takes but he directed very tightly and I'd hear him give really great notes. I think he is such a good storyteller that he just instinctively knows when a character needs to be more of a dick, or little more desperate, or whatever. I hear directors say such bullshit sometimes, especially in comedy. It's either totally pointless or just rewriting a line to make it funnier. Louie seemed to only give necessary direction.

Now, as for the way the show looks, I know a lot of people like the look, and yeah, it has a style. It's not really my style. To be honest I've still only seen a few episodes but I think even a little cinematic elegance can help tell any story, even one about a guy as inelegant as Louie.

I think the awkwardness of the technical direction gets in the way. Or maybe I'm just a frustrated, underutilized actor...wait, I mean technician."

^Steve hanging out with Davis Love III, captain of the 2012 U.S. Ryder Cup team.