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Shots from last night's Midnight Pajama Jam - 7/12/05

Image Hosted by Pajama Jam host Jon Glaser (Pistons outfit, left) holding Scott Fellers, an octopus hand puppet. Jon Benjamin (right). Image Hosted by The Gayhunter (Eugene Mirman) chats about how he orginally went to school for Computer Science, but then a council of mystics instilled in him his true calling. Now he chases gays the way Buffy slays vampires. Image Hosted by Patrick Stubbins, a fake pupil from a class Andy Blitz fake teaches at the American Comedy Institute, reads from his dissertation on Andy and the definition of humor. Image Hosted by Raisin (Late Night senior writer, Brian McCann) sings a delightful crowdpleaser called Ritty Titty Pum Pum. Midnight Pajama Jam interviews Yo La Tengo Scott Fellers true identity is NOT a Beanie Baby named "Goochy" Midnight Panini Jam Mormon Pajama Jam

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Matt Lappin's Show Returns to Lower East Side

Matt Lappin, of Strangers With Candy and Stankervision fame is doing a free variety show on Thursday at Lolita in the LES. The poster is pretty cool looking. Image Hosted by His show was fun last time.

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Production Complete on New Comedy Central Pilot

Production wrapped up over the weekend on a BIG STUDIO pilot co-written by a stable of young up-and-coming writers and comics. Although he couldn't divulge specifics at this time, we asked contributing writer to The Onion, Sam Means--who has been in LA working on the show for several months--to tell us what it's about and who all is involved.

It's a sports show pilot for Comedy Central hosted by Daily Show writer Paul Mecurio, and written by me, Dave Saraiva of The Brushback, Peter Grosz from Second City, Nick Kroll, and Krister Johnson from God's Pottery. Casey Wilson from Rode Hard And Put Away Wet was our field reporter, too. And I gotta say, it turned out really, really well.
The Apiary caught up with Nick Kroll--award winning co-host of the weekly NYC variety show, Welcome to Our Week--and sought out a brief description of his involvement on the program:
I was contributing material for the show from New York and then I went out to LA for a wedding and some meetings. I gave 'em a call before going out there and, against their better judgement, they had me come in to help out. It was lots of fun. Said goodbye to the crew last night, felt like the last night of camp.
According to Sam, once editing is complete, they'll present it to the Comedy Central execs and then pray that it gets picked-up. Read his official wrap-up announcement.

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Intern at Late Night with Conan O'Brien!

Image Hosted by Are you one of the countless interns left displaced and utterly penniless when Carson Daly announced he was moving Last Call from NYC to Los Angeles? Replace your unpaid unemployment woes with unpaid employment hellos! The Apiary knows from experience that interning at Late Night is a cool gig. Not only do you get work side by side with THE BRIGHTEST MINDS in the comedy biz, but some Late Night interns go on to become NBC Pages, others become Conan's Personal Assistant, and at least one has become a writer. You'll also get to meet Joel the Announcer! Is there anything better?

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Darryl Strawberry Hates Local Comedy, America

Image Hosted by Chris Gethard, Darryl Strawberry's frequently called upon understudy in the one man show at UCB titled Darryl, was served a verbal warning Wednesday by Darryl Strawberry's legal team to CEASE AND DESIST. Can the law stop Chris Gethard? No. He plans to mount one FINAL performance next week--which, according to Chris, may actually lure out Mets personalities and the man himself, Darryl Strawberry. Free Darryl Merch Click here for show info. See Darryl Strawberry's performer profile at the UCB page

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Honey Collecting: Lorne Michaels on quest to find new cast, Tisdale releases 2nd video, Hipsters have nowhere to run, and more!


July Bombshells at The Upright Citizens Brigade

Upright Citizens Brigade just dispatched THE SICKEST PRESS RELEASE OF ALL TIME. You can view the whole thing after the hump. For the sake of brevity, let's examine this INSANE item that leapt out: INSIDE JOKE w/SPECIAL GUEST - $8 A cross between Charlie Rose and This Old House, Inside Joke answers the question "What makes people laugh without ever asking it." This month, IJ welcomes a special guest - he's an SNL-alum,superstar comedian from Canada who may have married an axe murderer. THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT! Monday, July 18 8:00pm Buy your tickets now. Update: Tickets are SOLD OUT.

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Inside With: Margot Leitman

Image Hosted by In concordance with the continued success of the 3 month long run of her solo show at UCB, Just Here For the Day, writer/comedian/Best Week Ever alum, Margot Leitman, gabbed with The Apiary about future projects and her upcoming mini-tour to Los Angeles. We heard you're taking Just Here For the Day on tour to Los Angeles. Where are you going to be at? I will be performing at the new UCBT-LA. I'll be there Friday Aug. 19. The night before, I'll be performing in Mortified at The M Bar. In Mortified, I will be reading a series of journal entries I wrote as a kid to "pretend Kirk Cameron." That's pretty rad! How did you score gigs over there? Actually, I was on the phone with a friend who lives in LA, and I was upset that he would never get to see my show here. He mentioned that the UCB was opening a space out there and maybe I could bring the show to him. So I contacted the artistic director out there and hoped for the best. Apparently, the word on the street was good, because he got right back to me and offered me a date. Not romantically, a date to do my show. Then I decided that I would make the best of it and try to book at least one other gig if I was going out there. I had performed in Mortified here, and knew it was a bi-coastal show. So they booked me too. And that's that. Just Here For the Day is based on your experiences substitute teaching at an elementary school. Do you still teach? And do the kids know that they are your comedic material? Well, that's an interesting question. For those of you who haven't seen the show, it's about a wild-child struggling actress (me) who takes a day of substitute teaching at an elementary school to make ends meet. Having never seen anything like her before, the school is strangely drawn to her and offers her a job running the afterschool program. The show chronicles the mishaps and crazy encounters of a fish out of water --- an aging rock n roll chick in charge of a group of little kids... who love her and listen to whatever she says. I don't want to give away the ending, but I guess I will. You read Romeo and Juliet even through you know they both die...right? Ok, so I quit. I couldn't handle being a role model for all those kids. I couldn't take the responsibility. It changed me a lot. I sometimes sub for a day here and there at a few schools, but nothing consistant. I got really attached and I can't handle that for some reason. And no, the kids do not know that they are my material. I have gone to great lengths to protect their identities and the school's identity that it is based on. It's actually a running joke in the show. I replaced all the kids' names with names of characters from 80's movies. The kids' names are: Long Duck Dong, Alex P. Keaton, Teen Wolf etc. Last thing, we saw you at last month's Rejection Show, have you had luck getting into MAD Magazine since? You're talking about last month when I read rejected material I submitted to MAD magazine, where my brother is the editor. You know you need to improve your writing when your own brother is forced to reject you. I will submit again, probably a Halloween article. It's hard, their demographic is 13 year old boys, and I'm a little out of touch with that age group. I'm working more on script writing right now, I'm working with another writer on a pilot based on my live show. You can see Margot's show LIVE this Monday, July 11 at the UCB.

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