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Cheri Oteri Wants Your Problems

Tired of people shoving you and saying, "Hey asshole--what's your problem??" Perhaps Cheri Oteri can help you.  AMC is running a new wrap around their Monday night movies featuring Cheri as Liza, a board certified Life Coach--and they're looking for people with issues.  AMC tells us:

We're looking for funny, great performers to submit videos (of 30 seconds or less) that show them talking to the camera, and asking Oteri's character--a Life Coach named Liza--for help with their "problem." If the problem is funny or entertaining enough, we'll upload the video to the Life Coach website, where users can rate the videos and comment. If enough people like the video, including "Liza" herself, the video's creator may be invited to be the next guest on a Life Coach episode on AMC.

It's a great way for comedians to get their OWN characters out there. They can certainly be themselves (that's encouraged, too), but the more entertaining the video the better.

Get started here:


Reader Comments (2)

This was a great session that she did last year:

Also if you have additional random questions and you need answers, feel free to submit them to:

January 14, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersoce

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January 14, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermanda

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