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--Colbert Report executive producer Allison Silverman took the plunge.
--Last week, we randomly SPOTTED UCBT honcho Anthony King throwing away an industrial sized blender into a city garbage can. Perhaps it didn't mix well with the other stuff in his home?
--WINS/LOSSES: Comedy Central and The Daily Show soared with Jim Cramer & Jon Stewart's MADE FOR TV FEUDIE. (W) Meanwhile, the South Park season premiere featuring the JoBros was AN EXERCISE IN TEDIUM. (L)
--We hear that several ladies who won big at the ECNYs on Monday have done more with their trophies besides make their mantels look terif. Apparently, the awards have been helpful in wedging open doors to the offices of area casting directors.
--The grizzled sketch ensemble Murderfist has been wowing everybody with balls-to-the-wall performances even when there's just a handful of people in the audience. One associate remarked excitedly, "They're like the NASCAR of sketch comedy!"
--In the future, when people talk about overnight success, they will reminisce about the story of @bryanbrinkman. Dude goes from having 7 followers to 25,000 in one day thanks to Jimmy Fallon's Twitter Army, aka THE JIMMY FALLANX.
--Nothing to do, nowhere to go? The FINAL episode of DL Hughley Breaks the News tapes March 26th. For complimentary tickets email with the following information in both the subject line and body of the email: 1. Full Name | 2. Email | 3. Phone | 4. Age | 5. Number of Tickets (1-4) | 6. One sentence about what you like about DL Hughley and why you want to be in the audience.
--The Tomatometer is ABOUT TO EXPLODE on the low end for Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger's first feature Miss March, but that hasn't stopped us from seeing a movie before.

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Does anyone know where Allison and Adrian are registered?
March 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBilly Reno

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