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Local Comics Hope to Stack $5M in (Doritos) Chips

I've never not finished a 99-cent bag of Doritos, and I'm quite familiar with the abject self-loathing that comes with "bag drinking" the shrapnel from one of those Family-Size joints. Maybe it's because after all these years, I've eaten enough Doritos-chemicals to become genetically predisposed to craving them, especially the "Sweet Chili" variety.

But besides making laboratory-grade tortilla chips, Frito-Lay has always hired a pretty hip advertising and marketing crew for Doritos: For example, the legendary SuperBowl ad with former governors Mario Cuomo and Ann Richards (RIP), and perhaps most recently, Doritos's sponsoring of Stephen Colbert's 2008 presidential campaign. Today, the Doritos people are raising their own proverbial stakes, offering $5 million in cash prizes in make-your-own SuperBowl-commercial contest, in which numerous New York comedy types have entered.

Last year, Apiary faves Front Page Films made it to the finals, and while they didn't win the big prize, they did get an all-expenses paid trip to the SuperBowl, plus some sweet cashola. On that note, peep all these New York-based entries (but turn down your speakers and suffer the super-obnoxious Web intro) and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ENTRIES. May the best consumer of Doritos win!

--Keith Huang

  • Also, if you entered the contest and I missed your video (or I have some of these details wrong), please send me the link.

^ America's Got Flavor! (Dion Flynn, Liz Quinn, Brett Wean, and directed by Dalton Helms, Alice Lam)

^ Doritos Makes EVERYTHING Better (Keith Kopkin and Jason Saenz)

^ Party Guests (Free Market Films, feat. Michael Hartney)

^ Doritos Secret Switch! (Adam Newman and Trevor Williams)

^ Doritos Stoop Date - Punk Version (Nate Smith, Mike Still, Ben Rodgers, Paul Rondeau - director of photography, and written and directed by Eliza Skinner)

^ Daddy Time (Doug Moe, Megan Neuringer, Gideon Evans and Matt Davis)

^Doritos Expert (Shonali Bhowmik)

^ Black Hole ( Serious Lunch)

^ Break Up (John Milhiser, Megan Neuringer)

^ Replaced (Carol Hartsell, Sean Crespo, Ari Voukydis, Dan Gaba and Nick Stevens)

^ The Cheesy Date (Gabriel Pacheco)

^ Do Not Disturb (Front Page Films - Pete Holmes, Matt McCarthy, Oren Brimer)

Reader Comments (2)

The first two (party guests and secret switch) were by far my favorites, with secret switch being my top choice.

November 17, 2009 | Unregistered Commentersoce

Thanks for featuring our ad! Just so you guys know, you can actually embed the video using the Share tools in the top right corner.

November 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDoug Moe

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