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The Gag Reel By: Mo Diggs

Friends is lot funnier than you think (so are computers); Thank God You're Here may not be improv, but staged; and Mr. Sprinkles continues his reign of terror on VH-1. All this plus overdue DVD picks from last week on The Gag Reel.

Far and away the funniest moment in Friends is when Chandler and Rachel discovered the modern PC. But that wasn't for the show; it was for a Windows 95 tutorial; the "world's first cyber sitcom" to be exact. The first part is below (skip to 5:41 for The Education of Rachel); see the rest at this site so you can be convinced once and for all that Matthew Perry (between this and Studio 60) is the King of Unintentionally Funny Sincerity.

Cavemen Watch: Ain't It Cool gripes that Cavemen is "astoundingly awful." The upcoming ABC sitcom is rumored to have ham-fisted moralizing against prejudice. The Simpsons was also didactic and sluggish in its first season, but we love it 399 episodes later (episode 400 this coming Sunday) so perhaps the pilot won't be a harbinger of things to come.

Thank God You're Here gets slammed by Slate for ignoring the celebrity guests' funny ideas and having its cast members stick to its unfunny premises, ultimately meaning the show isn't true improv. But is it meant to be true improv?

Late Night Comedy Awareness:
30 Rock's Tracy Morgan on Jimmy Kimmel tonight
Joe Rogan on Kimmel tomorrow
Steven Wright on Ferguson tomorrow
Jake Johannsen on Letterman Friday

Just because you haven't been to Tribeca to see The Grand, aka the
David Cross-Chris Parnell poker movie
(via CCI), doesn't mean you can't get your Cross fix: watch David Cross on the Anna Nicole episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent tonight.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIf you were able to sit through the Spiderman 3 opening this past weekend without assaulting the baloney sandwich eating megafamily on cell phones next to you, you likely bore witness to an asthmatic Patton Oswalt cooing and gurgling all over the big screen in the trailer for the latest Ben Garant/Thomas Lennon vehicle Balls of Fury. "Euhh.. mMm... tastes goood!"

Fred Armisen is in the upcoming comedy The Ex with
Jason Bateman and Amy Poehler. The movie is directed by Jesse Peretz, who has directed Superchunk videos.

This article on a CBS version of The Office is the funniest Onion article in ages (via TV Squad).

The people have spoken: Mr. Sprinkles is now the longest running show in Acceptable TV history.

Catch one-minute previews of new Adult Swim shows like Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet -- the new show based on John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn's Channel 102 series. Or catch Tony Millionaire's Drinky Cow. No word on Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil yet.

The NY Times takes a look at Judd Apatow's schlub ouvre (via TSOYA). Mike White implies that his former writing partner from the Freaks and Geeks days sides with the bullies.

"Mr. White is particularly bothered by jokes in both Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin that skewer gay men and dismiss women. 'To me, I definitely stand in the corner of wanting to give voice to the bullied, and not the bully. Here's where comedy is catharsis for people who are picked on,' he said."

Overdue DVD Pick: Last week I could not make a DVD pick so a commenter named Comic chose Fletch:Special Edition. Honorable effort, so I will promote that and another one I should have promoted: Diggers, the Long Island '70s drama with Ken Marino and Paul Rudd.

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