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The Gag ReelBy: Mo Diggs

David Cross and Paul F. Tompkins return to television; 30 Rock and Tim and Eric will come back for season two but one of your new favorite shows may not; Will Ferrell and Adam McKay get the greenlight for a single-camera TV comedy; find out what Patton Oswalt and Jen Kirkman think of "Last Comic Standing;" plus the thrilling DVD pick of the week!

Bad tidings: Andy Barker, PI gets the heave-ho from NBC. The last two episodes will move from NBC's plum Thursday night comedy line-up to the infamous "death slot" (Saturday night from 8 to 9 PM).

Great tidings of joy: 30 Rock gets a second season and Adult Swim orders 30 more Tim and Eric episodes .

In Development: * TV Squad blogger Julia Ward attends a pilot taping of "The Root of All Evil," Lewis Black's new show on Comedy Central which puts pop culture on trial.

"Comedian Andrew Daly argued that chick flicks were the root of all evil. Paul F. Tompkins argued that video games were the root of all evil. The two presented their cases, which included videotaped segments, and took turns questioning each other as witnesses. In the end, Black came down with a verdict."

If Paul F. Tompkins can't convince me that video games have more deleterious consequences than chick flicks, no one can.

* David Cross is set to star in a new CBS sitcom called "I'm in Hell" in which he plays a devil named Scott. Cross fanatics (ie, anybody who reads this blog) who can't wait for the pilot can read one of the leaked scripts.

* Cavemen Watch: Bill Martin and Mike Schiff, the former executive producers of 3rd Rock from the Sun, will be the showrunners for "Cavemen."

-Comedians vent their spleens over Last Comic Standing, which is having casting calls around the country still.

Patton Oswalt: "I hate the fact that it exists, that anyone ever saw it, and that I'm trapped on a planet where it's coming back on the air."

Joe DeRosa: "If you're an aspiring comedian and you think that you should go wait in that fucking line for this show, don't do it because I can't think of ever a time of somebody that actually waited on line getting anywhere on the actual show."

Jen Kirkman: "Bud Friedman owns the Improv and has since the dawn of time. He's responsible for many legends careers. He's a fan of mine... And now I'm standing on his stage and three of the worst stereotypes are telling me that I'm eliminated. It's hilarious. At least I know that I'm eliminated from a game show and not a career. I feel badly for the comics who don't realize this yet."

Before you see that Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie this weekend, watch Dana Snyder (the voice of Master Shake) and Bob Odenkirk get their awkward on.

A few minutes before the season premiere of The Sopranos, HBO aired a promo clip of all the upcoming HBO comedies. One of them was The Flight of the Conchords. The series is scheduled to debut during a Sunday in June at 10:30 PM.

Steven Wright's comedy special When the Leaves Blow Away will be on DVD April 24th.

* Will Ferrell and Adam McKay get the greenlight from HBO for an untitled single-camera comedy pilot. The show will center around a retired major league baseball player played by Danny McBride.

David Cross appears in Heckler, a documentary about pickled lemons. Mr. Cross says in "Heckler" that the torrent of negativity once drove him from performing for an extended period.

All that advertisement on the Super Deluxe site was for naught: "Grindhouse" had a weak showing at number 4 in the box office. "Blades of Glory" still towers over all the competition (and bad skating puns) at #1 for the second consecutive week.

Chris Hardwick of Hard N Phirm does a solid for Ken Marino - former member of "The State" as well as the loopy detective on "Veronica Mars" - by telling the AST gang about Marino's upcoming film, Diggers, which will open in theaters accross the country on April 27, as well as on HDNet movies the same night. On May 1, it will be released on DVD.

DVD Pick: Sleeping Dogs Lie, directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, boasts appearances by Brian Posehn, Morgan Murphy and Steve Agee.

Mo Diggs is a freelance writer and open mike comedian who frequently updates his own blog.

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