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The Mervin Douglas Show @ The UCBT - 12.20.7

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The Mervin Douglas Show as described by the blurb: "Your favorite talk show comes to the UCBT, just in time for Christmas! With special guest host Horatio Sanz."

--Something you don't see often at the UCB: a cue cards guy. What's odd is that it seemed like the cue cards were more of a hindrance to the flow than a help. The best moments came out of improvisation as the actors settled into their characters.
--After a slightly bumpy top half of the show, Miriam Tolan's guest appearance as a neurotic arts and crafts lady with increasingly ridiculous family problems won the crowd back. Our stomach LITERALLY needs to be restapled (from laughing, not from obesity surgery complications) every time we see Miriam perform.
--Horatio finished out the show with his brilliant Aaron Neville impression. Decorated with face tatts and a muscle suit, Sanz emulated Neville's manchild warble and warmly cooed the 12 Days of Christmas, substituting turtle doves with items Aaron Neville would want, such as human growth hormone, leather wristbands, and a 5 pound tub of cocoa butter.
--We know the show was probably just Horatio's annual Christmas spectacular with a different bow on it, but it smelled like it could also be some kind of prototype vehicle for icon Dennis Haskins (aka Mr. Belding, aka Mervin Douglas) to reclaim his rightful throne. There were graphics and videos and bits made involving Haskins, but he never physically appeared on stage. His absence was explained by saying that Horatio was "filling in" for Mervin Douglas. Throughout the performance, a fictional backstory about The Mervin Douglas Show was presented, including an account about how Mervin was one of the first talk show hosts to begin healing the nation after 9/11... as seen with this video below.

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Reader Comments (2)

Saw this and loved it! My only comments are that you didn't mention the awesome "Ed Asner Jr." as Mervin Douglas' long suffering sidekick/announcer AND the fact that Joe Franklin was in the audience... but he was nodding off near the end of the show.

Also, I really wish Mervin Douglas made an appearance. I know the show was a Horatio Sanz holiday show when all is said and done, but if Mervin Douglas were to have come out drunk on stage and then have to be taken away leaving Horatio to take over hosting duties that would have made the whole premise more acceptable to me.
January 3, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJack
i was at this show and there was a really beautiful, awesome, folk-ish sounding singer who performed a couple times. her voice was so haunting - i can't forget it and wish i could remember who she was... anyone there? care to help a feeble mind? thanks, in advance!
January 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterHeidi M

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