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WeirDass - Best. Improv. Ever.

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It's every improviser/comedy nerd's dream: find the greatest improv partner in the world... and marry them. Comedy's cutest couple (okay, tied with Amy Poehler and Will Arnett), Stephanie Weir (MAD TV) and her dreamy, blue eyed husband Bob Dassie, (Baby Wants Candy, Dasariski) have done just that; and tonight at UCB, they'll take a suggestion and get all matrimonial on your ass in their two-person improvised show, WeirDass.

In anticipation of tonight's epic improv event, I challenged some of your favorite improvisers, comedians, and variety show hosts with this burning question:

Why is WEIRDASS the best improv show you've ever seen?

Rachael Mason ((J)only (B)only): Totally fluid, nothing is ever dropped, every single thing is brought back and put into a new context, plus brilliant acting and character work.

Justin "SweetChatty" Purnell (School Night): I think it's just that they have these incredibly truthful moments... I hate to say it's the acting, but they really do draw you in. They're just so damn honest.

Erin Rose Foley (Nice Squad!): Because they truly try to make each other look good. That kind of support is often talked about and rarely achieved. The trust is tangible.

Charlie Todd (Reuben Williams, Improv Everywhere): They play wonderfully real characters and subtle, amazing moments.

Pat Baer (Tuscadero; 2005 ECNY Best Technician): Trust. Either of them can go ANYWHERE and the other is right there.

If that doesn't motivate you to haul ass to Chelsea to be blown away, maybe this will:

Have you seen WEIRDASS yet?

Aziz Ansari (Punched a Wall): No I haven't. I think I'm seeing it on Friday, though I hear nothing but the best.

WeirDass is appearing tonight only at the UCB Theatre at 8:PM.

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