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Hey gang! Sorry for the dearth of content here, I've been posting over at Tumblr lately and I think I like it better there. I might just use this site for long pieces. Not sure yet. In the meantime, follow The Apiary on Tumblr while I sort this out.

New Video Wednesday! Featuring Uncastable, Koren Ensemble and Improv Everywhere

Uncastable: Bex Schwartz | Mikala Bierma

It Sucks to Be a Turkey | Koren Ensemble

Mall Santa | Improv Everywhere



Thanksgiving Feud Fashion | emotistyle.

Backstage Pass: Das Racist | SPIN

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Emo Philips' Secret Online Wedding Registry Revealed!

Still not sure what to get newlyweds Emo Philips and Kipleigh Brown for their big day? According to their SECRET ONLINE wedding registry which I found while googling "Emo Philips wedding," they need the same junk you and I desperately crave: Fiesta dinnerware and dozens of Rubbermaid bowls! Whereas you and I would use these bowls for storing pasta salad, one assumes Emo will be placing them on his head whenever he needs a haircut. Congrats, lovebirds!


Bill Carter to Spoil Ending of 'The War For Late Night' at 92YT

If you haven't finished reading The War For Late Night yet, you better hurry because NY Times media maven, Bill Carter, intends to COMPLETELY RUIN the ending for anyone in earshot! He's discussing the book at the 92YTribeca on 10/26. This should make for a nice primer for the Conan tapings next week.

Cagematch @ The UCBT - 10.20.11

Hardcore wrestling legend, standup comedian, and god Mick Foley made a surprise drop-in at Cagematch! It was insane! I tweeted "This is bigger than Diddy, right?" to which @chrisgethard promptly replied, "no way!" Okay, maybe not quite Diddy big, but on a scale of UCBT celebrity appearances from Matthew "Free Money" Lesko to Diddy, it's wayyyyy up there. It's one of those epic moments that only happens here. The UCBW has been around how long--like 5 years, right? And to get one of the most iconic pro-wrestlers of all time to not only come down to the show, but participate in a match! That's major. Can only imagine it's a dream come true for everyone involved.

"Have you heard the one about Superfly Jimmy Snuka?"

Razor Raymond (someone dressed like Razor Ramon on a Razor scooter) looks on disapprovingly as Mick tells everyone he'll be tonight's Guest Enforcer.

Zach Linder is just barely able to get back his special elbow pad from Mick.


Silvija Ozols, Gavin Speiller and Eddie Dunn of Rogue Elephant. I had a bad angle, sorry!!!

Kate Riley, Don Fanelli and Dru Johnston of Fuck That Shit, the new Cagematch champions!

Here's how the UCBW match ended... it was awesome.

Mick tweeted later:

What an amazing time  in NYC last night - so many talented performers, and an incredibly supportive crowd! Thanks to      and all the people I missed...and everyone who sent out such spirited tweets. I would love to do another show at the historic Upright Citizens Brigade Theater!


Todd Margaret Cosplayers Really Do Exist

Last week I joked about digging through all your 30-gallon plastic storage totes and dragging out the ol' Todd Margaret cosplay outfit for NY Comic Con. Turns out this is a real thing, as evidenced by this video from The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret panel there.


New York Comic Con 2011 Guide to Comedy and Stuff

Dust off your Todd Margaret and Silent Bob cosplay outfits, NY Comic Con begins this week and it's not just for collecting Boris Vallejo crap anymore. As we saw with the San Diego convention, if you have any kind of TV show, movie, or failed pilot and your target demographic is VIRTUALLY NO ONE AGED 13-35, mobs of people will magically appear and wait in endless lines for hours to see you. To help navigate through the long list of panels and events, I took some screen caps of the stuff I'm interested in potentially seeing. Adult Swim is all over this thing and Comedy Central seems to be testing the waters too. Perhaps nothing though is more intriguing than the big Wand Dueling event on Friday. See you there??