What is DotA 2

Dota or better known as Defense of the Ancients is an expansion game from the famous Warcraft franchise. It has been very successful because of the gameplay that it provides where players have their own heroes and they try to kill other players in the game. Dota has gained so much success and because of the success of the game, many different games have tried to create a game that would have similar features and styles as dota. Most games provided better graphics to lure dota players to move to a different game and this is the main reason why dota 2 was made. With Dota 2, the world’s most famous game officially becomes a mmorpg because the game will mostly be played online where people can play with different people all over the world.

It is being developed to allow more people to enjoy the game with the help of Steam which is the platform that Dota 2 will use once it is officially released. There are beta keys that have allowed some players to enjoy the game but when it does get released officially, you will not have to worry about playmates because you can play with anyone no matter where they are. Dota 2 also has made huge improvements when it comes to graphics. The graphics in Dota 2 is a huge improvement because it is much closer to the World of Warcraft graphics which is considered to be number one when it comes to all mmorpg games. One downside of this new graphics though is the new design of each of the heroes in Dota. Dota has a lot of heroes already in the game and not every hero can be found in Dota 2 yet.

There are only a number of heroes that have successfully crossed over to the new game because of graphic designs. Dota 2 has been releasing new heroes almost regularly but there are still a lot of heroes that are missing so do not be surprised if you do not find your favorite heroes yet. The looks of most heroes have changed greatly and you might not recognize their looks. It is very important to read and be familiar with the new graphics so that you do not pick the wrong hero thinking that it is someone else because most heroes are totally different from how they looked compared to the first installment. The gameplay is similar to the old dota except for a few tiny changes. The skills use the q,w,e and r buttons now which means that there are no special letters that you need to click anymore for a certain skill. This is something that requires a lot of getting used to when you transition from the old game to the new one. Another thing that you must know is to get familiar with the map because being familiar with the map will help you find enemies that are lurking on blind spots that you would not know if you just started to play dota 2. You will get all the experience that you need once you start playing the game and it will not be that hard to adjust.