Tomtom Start 20 Review

If you are one of those who base their buying decisions primarily on product reviews, then make sure you don’t miss out on this Tomtom Start 20 review. Tomtom has always been known to provide top-quality GPS devices that don’t hit your wallet hard. If you are intending to buy one of these, then ensure you read this review till the every end so you get a complete insight on the product.

Brief Product Description

If you are looking to use the navigation device for the first or for a one-off trip, then this device has to be your way to go. Though, you cannot rule out the utility of this device for long-term use, yet it works best when you use it for a one-off trip. It is because of the technical specifications that don’t offer much for a long-enough journey, and this is why the device is referred to as the entry-level navigation device. Speed camera options and customized icons are a hallmark of this Tomtom Start 20.

What comes in the box

When you open the box, there is the Tomtom Start 20 device and plenty of additional accessories for you to count on. The device comes with a dual adjustable mount that can serve ideally both on windscreen and on the dashboard a well. You can find a USB cable that you can attach with your PC or laptop. Adjustable charger and user guide along with CD manual in there for the taking in the box.

Product Features & Technical Details

The technical details of this device are something to look forward to. The screen size is 4.3”, which is more or less ideal in terms of a GPS device. However, you may have devices with larger screens, but once you look at the price tag of the device, then surely, you wouldn’t find much of a competition in terms of the screen size. The 16:9 wide LCD screen offers a perfect navigation system you can count on. While on the road, it is imperative that the GPS device you are using has a visibly perfect screen, so this screen type somewhat serves the users big time. The screen resolution is 480 x 272 which comprehends the screen size and its width. As it is an entry level GPS device, so the supported internal memory is 2GB. Many of the customers are more concerned with the battery life of a GPS device, and despite being an entry-level system, Tomtom Start 20 offers 2-hour of battery time. The device weighs only 181g with the size being 119x80x25mm. The size includes the size of the mount as well. According to Tomtom Start 20 review, the device has a resistive touch-screen so make sure you have this in mind as well.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

The feedback from the existing customers clearly indicates the fact that the device is entry level. This doesn’t hinder the efficiency and working of the device, which is without a doubt, something to reckon with. Existing owners have indicated the fact that you need to properly use the device and if you intend to make the device work for you for a long period of time, then it is important for you not to over-load the device as the GPS system and the pre-installed maps can get stuck. If you can have this covered, then there is no reason you can’t use the device for long.

Pros of product

Spoken street names and integrated mounting are the primary benefits you shouldn’t overlook in terms of the usage of Tomtom Start 20. The Speed cameras helps you manage the speed and avoid fines arising because of speed violations etc. The 3-layer Map option helps you use the navigation system to the best of your benefit. With this feature, you can reach the destination faster because of the pre-installed IQ routes. Don’t know where to park? If so, then you can look forward to the Parking Assist feature the Tomtom Start 20 has to offer. If you are feeling like having a break, then you can navigate through the nearest parking assist. If this is not it, then free map changes can add to the utility of the device.

Cons of product

The screen size may be something the company can work on. Other than that, there isn’t much to speak of in terms of cons of the product.

Who should buy this product

Everyone who looks to enjoy a particular trip like never before should buy this product. The device is ideal for a one-off trip, so anyone looking for a memorable experience on the road should have this product.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Owing to it being an entry-level device, it performs reasonably well. If you want a device that can serve many of the primary features, then this Tomtom Start 20 is highly recommended. In addition, keeping the price tag in mind, this product is definitely worth having in your car. If there were any confusion as to whether you should buy the product or not, then this Tomtom Start 20 review would have eased your nerves big time.