Tomtom One Classic Review

If you are looking to buy the intuitive Tomtom One Classic, then make sure you don’t miss out on this Tomtom One Classic review that can serve you with plenty of insight about the product. The latest navigation system is being used in this device and along with efficient Bluetooth device, you can bank on this device big time. This time, Tomtom has hit the bull’s eye in terms of design, and if you look for sleek and elegant design, then this navigating device is for you.

Brief Product Description

The device uses the Star 3 chipset that makes navigation even more efficient and reliable. This chipset works fine with all types of windscreens, so make sure you go for it, particularly if you are looking to overcome navigation issues related to athermic windscreen. The safety database is something to look forward in terms of this device. Whether you are looking for a POI or just want to make your way to a particular destination, the pre-installed maps can help you get over the line with ease.

What comes in the box

If you are circumspect as to what you’ll get in the box, then this review is there to help you out. You get all the accessories you need to run the device properly. A 12v car charger is there to support the navigation when driving. You get a country map loaded on a external SD card provided within the box. There is a product code card in the box that you shouldn’t lose, as it can be helpful in the future.

Product Features & Technical Details

Owing to a sleek design, the product has a smaller battery that only supports 2-2.5 hours of battery time. However, considering the price and the design of this device, this seems pretty much okay. You can overcome the issue by going with the pre-planned routes the device has to offer, rather than relying on the in-car internal battery. Therefore, if you are intending to travel long, then you may have to have your work cut out, as the in-car internal battery wouldn’t suffice. The loudspeakers are clear and actually louder than the other devices available in the market. It is imperative for you to have a navigation device that offers powerful loudspeakers so you can plan your way without any hiccups. In addition, the “Navigator 5” can set the tone for you big time. The fact that its dimensions are 116mm x 91.6mm x 67.6mm and the weight being 310 g, you can also count on this device in terms of having sleek design and ideal weight.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Owing to it being the latest versions, customers are more than likely to be inclined towards it. The existing owners find the device absolutely amazing, but many of them have pointed out certain flaws as well. Battery time is the major issue the owners talk about a lot, but planning your journey can help you overcome all the odds. The price and the technical specifications make this product a must-buy and this is what most of the existing owners have to say which is in line with the Tomtom One Classic review.

Pros of product

When it comes to pros, the first one to list would be the size and slim case. The STAR technology helps you enjoy efficient and more reliable GPS reception. Audio volume of device is another aspect to look forward to. The extremely affordable price sets the device apart from the competitors, and for those looking for all the navigation features at a comparatively lower price, this Tomtom One Classic has become a must-buy. In addition to that, the safety cameras and full support in .ov2 format can help you big time. This is not just it, the postcode support within UK is something you can look forward to as well.

Cons of product

The power LED is a bit poorly positioned, so make sure you keep a note of that. At times, it can become difficult to locate the power socket, which can be annoying. The absence of mains power charger/adapter is somewhat rated as a loophole of the device.

Who should buy this product

All those people who are on the road most of the times need to have this product. With the superb GPS reception, you can locate all the POI’s and other intended locations. If you are on a family trip, then it makes quite a lot of sense to have this device installed. In short, this device is for all those who look to make their journey count while on the road.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Tomtom One Classic is a better purchase than many of the other similar devices, primarily because of reduced price. The sleek design makes the device easy to carry and the postcode support let’s you navigate with peace of mind. In terms of recommendation, you should go for the device not just because of the price, but also device performance is spectacular as well. If you don’t want to base your decision on Tomtom One Classic review, then you can refer to friends who have used this device, and it is more likely that you’ll end up coming across the exact facts mentioned above.