Word came down last Thursday and was sealed yesterday that T.J. Miller has been offered the role of Ranger Jones in the live-action/animated Yogi Bear movie. Miller will co-star with Anna Faris, Justin Timberlake, and Dan Aykroyd, who will voice Yogi the Bear. The movie will be directed by Eric Brevig (“Journey to the Center of the Earth”).

Miller’s tongue-in-cheek “audition reel” for the film went out onto the Interwebs a few weeks ago and was just as quickly taken down: The reel showed Miller improvising with a live bear, feeding the animal marshmallows and lines (literally!).

After being called in to audition twice, Miller, along with filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts, decided to make the audition reel, sort of as a joke. The reel made it all the way to Barry M. Meyer, chairman of Warner Bros. Miller was offered the role shortly thereafter.

“I’m excited about this role because they saw the reel and appreciated what a bizarre dude I am,” Miller told The Apiary. He will leave for New Zealand on Friday to begin shooting.

Didn’t see the audition reel when it was up for .00002 seconds a couple weeks back?