Time Management Tips: Get Organized With Technology

Do you ever think back to how we survived on the good old days without ATM Cards, or E-mail? I know it seems crazy but I bet there was a time that you thought something like this: Oh I know totally! I mean why would anyone wanna carry a phone with them when there’s a payphone on every corner? I often hear this reluctance of getting on board with technology because it’s too much to learn new stuff, or because will become too much of a distraction for you I used to be like that too.

I knew there was a more efficient better way getting things done and must have thought of transferring all the information or learning a new program or just too overwhelming. And then, I’m married to techie who changed my world and I soon realized that with all the technology that we have, my life was becoming more and more efficient and at the end of the day, isn’t that what living and organized life is all about? Giving you more time to do the things that you love to do? And I’ve always had the same feeling after I embrace a new technology like, Why did I wait so long? From the simplest things like getting your holiday labels on to a spreadsheet, or sinking up your calendar with your phone on your computer, or learning how to text? All of these things gave you more time in your life to learn more efficiently and empower you to have more time for yourself We are so lucky, so fortunate to be living in a world where efficiency, productivity and organization is literally at our fingertips; all we had to do is reach-out and grab it. And if you’re a technophobe like I used to be, don’t worry, all you have to know that technology is about your attitude and not about how much you know or your skillset because it’s so prevalent in our life now, almost all the programs are so easy to use and intuitive like almost anyone can learn them.

You’ve heard me talk about of Evernote, Google Calendar and creating photo books; these are all technologies that I happily embraced to make my life more efficient So don’t try a way for the next app, or a program that you read about or friends have told you about. Yes there’s a learning curve but there’s so many benefits. And remember, you couldn’t see me right now if I hadn’t embraced and gone through the learning curve of using Youtube. Now would that be a shame for the both of us.