The 2nd Annual Channy Awards – New York Edition @ 92Ytribeca – 12.10.9

Last night, the most supportive group of video-making, HD-camera toting, boom-mic dangling rockstars gathered at 92YTribeca to celebrate the 2009 Channy Awards, the official recognition ceremony of the New York chapter of Channel 101. Originally created by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab in Los Angeles, Channel 101 is the premiere platform for amateur filmmakers to shoot five-minute TV shows that get screened by a live audience and voted on for renewal or cancellation.

Apiary pal and unofficial correspondent Trevor Williams sent us the winners’ list and a few highlights: “John Gemberling presented the best show award; Rob Lathan was a hilarious host performing a musical number at the beginning; Ed Mundy (Adult Swim) recieved lifetime achievement award; I ripped off Obama’s ‘Yes, We Can’ speech when we accepted our award; and my parents came.” Ed Mundy also chimed in to say: “Rob Lathan did an awesome job hosting; Chioke Nassor directed an opening song/dance number; and we had lots of original videos that will be posted online in the next few days.”

Trevor Williams, Adam Newman (Best Show) and Ed Mundy (Lifetime Achievement Award)


Lifetime Achievement: Ed Mundy
Best Failed Pilot: Home Office
Best Commercial: “We can’t have children” (Bloomberg for Mayor) (Ed Mundy/Trevor Williams/Andrew Jedlicka)
Best Original Song: “Roboticus” (Roboticus)
Best Production Design: Sandwich of Terror
Best Special FX or Animation: 9AM Meeting (Dan McCoy)
Best Non-Human Performance: The Puppets (Dos Bolas)
Best Female Performance: Jess Lane (101 Plaza, Chicks in the City, Body Buddies, Sandwich of Terror)
Best Male Performance: Chris Prine (Stryker Files, Sandwich of Terror, Scissor Cop)
Best Writing: Matt Koff, Dan McCoy (9AM Meeting)
Best Director: Jeremy Westphal (Stryker Files, Sandwich of Terror, Scissor Cop)
Best Show: The Nice Brothers (Adam Newman and Trevor Williams)