Technology Tips for Online Trainers

Recently wrote a book about ‘webinars’. So I asked some friends to give an advice for people who are new to this webinars and they contributed excellent ideas, and technical advice. Then – listen to these tips, and enjoy! Take a test. Check your microphone, and your speakers, and your Internet connection, and the batteries, and all the settings.

And still get ready for some problem. Keep calm if something happens with technology it is very likely that there is a logical explanation because it does not work, and it will be easier to fix it if you have a serene mind. Do not have many complicated activities that may not work. Try to avoid animations, for example when words in a PowerPoint appear and disappear. This causes problems in most platforms. Have a Plan B. I always keep my presentation as a PowerPoint, but I also save it in images because if things go wrong. I have the images and I can upload them immediately In my experience, using webcams may require a lot of broadband and this is something that we have to take into account as well. If you make a webinar with just the audio, without the video, one thing that I do is to project a photo of myself in my office, and at least they can see who they are listening to no shirts with stripes.

No blouses with stripes Apparently, I have been told, that it can give the public a headache if they are watching you on the computer screen Buy quality headphones with the included microphone and you can move the microphone, put it at the proper distance from the mouth so that your breathing does not affect the sound I was given this advice after a webinar.