Monumental Upcoming Week for Sketch Comedy Fans

Flaming Box of Stuff

We’ve raved about Flaming Box of Stuff being the Best in Show at SketchFest NYC and it is so pants-poopingly enthralling to hear that they’ll be in NYC for three intoxicating performances. If you know people who are like, “Well, i’d like to go to a comedy show, but I dunno…” Take them to this. They’ve got shows next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the UCB.

Kasper Hauser

Also at the UCB next week is Kasper Hauser. We’ve been hearing the MOST SENSATIONAL PRAISE about Kasper Hauser from friends on the West Coast. They win awards and get lauded by James Sullivan of the San Francisco Chronicle as “destined for comic greatness … bizarre collective brilliance.” Performances to follow Flaming Box of Stuff on Friday and Saturday.

Sketchstock 3000

Sketch group A Week of Kindness presents a three-night stand of variety shows at New York’s Medicine Show Theatre. A different show every night, each a blend of the city’s young singer-songwriters, burlesque artists, and stand-up and sketch comedians.

Thursday, August 25th, 10 PM
Negin Farsad
Nobody, et al.
Olde English
The Royal We
Theron Steiner
Friday, August 26th, 10 PM
Matt Little
Dustin D’Addato
Matt McCarthy
Jill Pakulski
Party Central USA
Joe Powers
Thom Woodley
Becky Yamamoto

Saturday, August 27th, 10 PM
Shayna Ferm
Shawn Hollenbach
Greg Johnson
Jeff Solomon
Nick Turner
A Week of Kindness

August 25, 26, and 27 at 10 P.M. $10 a show, or $15 for a weekend pass to all three shows.

Fearsome, Elephant Larry, and MEAT are all flying out to Portland (somewhere west of NYC, we’re told) this weekend to participate in the Best of the Best Sketch Comedy Festival.

We asked Shayna Ferm how Fearsome’s benefit party/date auction went last Sunday and whether the group will be able to afford plane tickets ALL THE WAY to Oregon and she responded:

The sexy benefit was a blast! A man paid $200 for the Fearsome women (nothing to do with our nurse, french maid and bunny costumes, I’m sure!). Miss Saturn showed her boobs and they were BEAUTIFUL. We had a beat poet, MEAT and Elephant Larry rocked, Jaime sang a torch song that stole the night away as Dan fake-played the piano. Our favorite raffle prize — someone’s face to be on our t-shirts during our run at The PIT in October — went over splendidly, his name is Brandon and he’s a very lucky guy. All in all, aside from the fierce hangover, we are a very happy sketch group. We’ve made a good chunk of our money back and will be able to eat in Portland.