Mind of Martin: Demetri Explores His Brain in Latest Offering

For comedy fans who have long pondered the contents of Demetri Martin’s head, his latest one-man introspective, “Dr. Earnest Parrot Presents Demetri Martin,” offers viewers a rare glimpse into the inner-workings of his brain.

Always evolving, the beloved metropolis comic trades in his giant notepad for a video projector and a recorded narrative featuring Dr. Earnest Parrot — whose name sounds curiously like an anagram: “A Rare Trend Sport,” “Narrated Reports,” “Pedant Star Error”?Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

From the outset, Dr. Parrot guides the viewer through Martin’s gray matter, explaining that the comedian has a condition known as P.H.E.A.L.S., or “Psychological Hidden External Airborne Location Syndrome.”

“Sometimes when the heart breaks, a simultaneous break can occur in the mind,” Dr. Parrot says. “This is not a ‘breakdown,’ but rather, a ‘break off’ — part of the mind breaks off and lodges in space just above the patient’s head, commonly known as a ‘brain nook.'”

Sound confusing? It is. But Martin, who may very well be in his prime as a comedian, makes it all very funny, while earnestly — and unapologetically — revealing his self-doubts and personal shortcomings, ultimately giving the audience a reason to care.

While Martin’s recent turn as “Trendspotting correspondent” on The Daily Show has brought him national exposure, his fanbase in New York has continued to grow, evidenced by a full house at the UCB Monday night for an unadvertised 11 p.m. “workshop performance.”

In two weeks, Martin will take “Dr. Parrot” overseas to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where he will perform the show for a 22-night run. “I have five nights here (in New York) to figure it out,” he said. Advance tickets for Martin’s remaining shows in New York are sold out.