John Mayer Totally Comfortable Using Racist Slurs In Stand Up Premiere

It hurts The Apiary to see a hateful phrase like “The N-word.” You can imagine how uncomfortable we feel saying “Un burrito con frijoles negros, por favor” to the China-man behind the counter of the Mexican taco stand down the street. And talking about Melrose Place superstar Daphne Zuniga without looking around first–forget it.

So it goes without saying that adjectives like “shock” and “outrage” were some of the first to come to mind upon reading Gawker’s report alleging that Rocker John Mayer was dropping N-bombs all over the place in his stand up comedy debut at the Comedy Cellar last Friday. Mayer’s performance was jeered as “the most awkward, offensive, unfunny 15 minute comedy act” Blogger Jason Pinter, has ever seen. Pinter has obviously never bared witness to Patrick Duffy in any given episode of Step By Step.

Hold the porkchops though. Sherrod Small, a comedian who was working The Comedy Cellar that night, rushed to defend John Mayer’s act and said, “Everybody loved [his use of the N-word].”

What wildly subjective account do YOU most want to agree with? Wait. Who are all these people who go to the Comedy Cellar? Wait. Is John Mayer racist or not, because we have no problems alerting the black community about this. Wait. Has anyone seen Shalom in the Home yet? That show is fun. Wait. Uh…