How to Turn On Google Home Audio Cue

We’re gonna show you how to turn on audio cues for your Google home. Now if you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s the little cue that you hear when you activate Google assistant on your Android phone.

This is something that’s available to Google home but it’s not turned on by default and for those of you wondering why you’d want this it’s generally for me, best when I’m in another room I’m trying to talk to Google home. Sometimes it doesn’t hear me and I can’t see the lights and know if it is listening to me or not, so I have this turned on because a lot of times like I’m in the bathroom just yelling out to try to play some music or podcasts or find out about the weather and it just can’t hear me and I don’t know that it’s not listening so this little audio cue helps me know that. It’s listening and it’s really easy to do so let’s just go ahead and get into it.

This might be the quickest tutorial ever and I’m gonna clock up here just to see how quickly we can get through this. So what you’re really gonna need to do for this is of course just have the Google home app and I’m sure all of you have this. If you have a Google home and I just need this thing to focus on my phone here. Come on focus there we go okay so what you need to do is hit that button at the top right hand corner. Right here that’ll take you to your devices menu and then you just need to find the device you want to do it with. So in my case it’s this one right here the master bedroom speaker and you just click on the top right hand again the little three dot menu and then go to settings and now you’re gonna scroll down scroll, down ,go down, way too far too far until you find the one called accessibility. Click on that and you can see in here you have the ability to turn on sound so you can either turn around the beginning of request or end of request. I generally prefer beginning that’s where I have it turned on so now it’s on. So yeah all that’s left to do is just test it and so I can just say *OK Google* and I don’t know if you guys can pick up and on with my microphone is picking up that sound but it’s definitely making a noise now so now it’s listening to me. Let me turn it up some more so make sure you guys can hear it *OK Gogle* and so there you guys have it. It’s a really easy tip but something that I found really useful and hopefully you guys find really useful as well and if you do.