How to save money for building PC parts

Today we are gonna discuss about saving money on your PC build.

I know most people don’t have 1000 dollars or so for their gaming PC, so here are some tips for you on how to save some bucks while shopping for a custom gaming PC. I don’t mean saving 100’s of dollars but still it feels good while saving some bucks , which can be helpful in buying some good games or maybe getting some gaming accessories like a gaming mouse or a mechanical keyboard. I will give you 3 broad tips for saving money on your custom PC.

So here they are goes something like this, most people while shopping for a PC come across people who advice them to buy nothing less than an i7 and no, what will 8GB RAM do for a gaming PC or maybe like don’t buy a 500W PSU For safety buy a 1200W PSU These people tell you to spend way more for what they call performance and longevity but let me tell you for a new PC gamer you don’t need an i7 neither 16 or 32 GB of RAM and neither a PSU above 750W, buying these would be a waste of money.

I have seen people go crazy on recommendation of such people and bought something they will never use to its optimum and spend so much above the budget that after their gaming PC is ready to use, they are broke and they have no money to buy some good games, so they have to wait till next season to play good games. You don’t wanna do this kind of mistake and believe me this is quite common. I told you why you don’t need the i7 , 16GB RAM or a 1200W PSU. First decide a budget based upon your needs and how long you would like to use that PC, then shop for Parts that would give you more of what you want for the money you want to spend.

This tip is based on reusing some parts from your old PC. You know most people who are stepping into PC Gaming or just moving from an OK rig to a great gaming. PC have an old PC which may or may not have good hardware, regardless some parts can be extracted from them and used in your new PC. Like some people may have an old HP or Dell Desktop they used for their school work or maybe getting some information from the internet. Some of these PC have some usable parts which take a whole lot of your budget from your new PC RAM kits and hard drives are almost always usable , when I made my first gaming PC I picked up the hard drive and monitor from my old PC.

So you can also pick up these parts. Some of these Prebuilt PC’s may even have 8GB RAM , an i3 or an i5 and a 500 GB hard drive so you just have do get a good graphics card put it into that PC and transform it into an entry level gaming PC , its that simple sometimes for New PC Gamers. So if you do have an old PC , check out its specs and find out which part is usable for you next PC.

Buying experience I recommend choosing your favorite retailer for your PC and sticking with that retailer for all the parts. As most retailers give you discounts for heavy purchases.