How to Remap Your Buttons on an Xbox One

Learn how to remap the buttons on your Xbox One controller. First off you’re gonna push the home button and then scroll over to the system tab.

Click on the gear / setting icon and that will bring up our settings page. Now from here we can either select connected devices or ease of access, both will get us to where we want to go to remap our controllers buttons. We are going with Kinect and devices first. Then we want to select devices and accessories. Now we made it to our controller page.

Since we are remapping your controller we want to click configure, and this will bring us to our button mapping page. Now we can finally choose what buttons we would like to remap. Use the top box to select which button we would like to remap. We are just going to use “A” since it’s already selected. With our second box we get to choose which button gets mapped to our “A”.

We can map our a to any of the ABXY buttons, either of the bumpers, or any of the directional pad buttons. Now this works for remapping any of the ABXY buttons, either of the bumpers, or any of the directional pad buttons. You can even use this button remapping method on other controllers in the Xbox family, like the Xbox elite controller, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller. For example I’m using the “B” button as the right trigger to give my car gas in Rocket League Since we have our buttons taken care of we can take a look at the five check boxes down below.

The top box allows us to swap the two sticks so that the left is used as the right and vice versa. The next two boxes are for our friends who use an inverted y-axis. This way you won’t have to change your inverted axis on every single game you play. The fourth box is to swap the left and right triggers, just like you would with the two sticks. For our final box you can turn vibration on or off.

Which is helpful when you need your controller to stay in a nice comfortable position just turn off the vibration and it’ll stay right where it needs to be. Well that just about wraps up our button remapping.