How to Get PRO at DOTA 2 FAST

There is lot of material and guides regarding DOTA 2 instructionals of the web and they each claim to provide the most accurate and thurough information regarding DOTA 2. However, the truth of teh matter is that many of them are either not complete, only contain certain information and way to universal to teach anyone fresh and helpful tips.

I mean, seriously! How many times do we have to learn the differece between Intel Heroes and Agility Heroes? It’s insulting.
That’s old, we’re not noobs. (well some of us are but the information is still remedial)

But when I found this new guide even I had to step back and say damn. I’m not saying everyone should go and buy guides if you want to invest the time online and play the game but DOTA 2 doesn’t allow the impatient person this. If you do feel the need to purchase a guide then my faith is in DOTA 2 Ownage.
While at this current juncture I’m not a noob I still found relevant information and useful material in the guide. Finding a guide that can speak to both noobs and an intermediate player and be informative is hard pressed these days.

So, after I discovered DOTA 2 Ownage I was blown away by the material. I was excited to finally get a proper explanation of the different Heroes and I was able to fully understand the game from a standpoint of an experienced player looking in. All the doubts and curiosities I had were answered and then I started noticing my individual play started to quickly advance! What impressed me the most was the new and relevant content in the guide. If you do a quick Google search you’re going to find lots of information on DOTA 2. You’re going to find sites just like mine with some material repeated and then you’re going to have to dig through the site to find something relevant to you. Luckily in this guide it’s all there in black and white and I can almost guarantee even if you’re an advanced player you’re going to learn a ton and I mean A TON.

The million dollar questions is always, is it worth the cost? Well I guess it depends on how much you care about the game. What is your time worth to you? DO you want to shell out a couple of bucks to save yourself months of trial and error and just get into the game with a crazy understanding of great technique and a stable approach. If you’re an advanced player wouldn’t you love to take your game to the next level? A level of maybe competitive tournament or maybe just show off for your friends. Either way you look at it, what you see is what you get. You pay for advice, you pay for technique, you pay for tips and strategies that you don’t know and maybe you’d never know even if you played for 1,000 hours.

This guide gets right into it and talks about play not about definitions. You will learn and you will not be disappointed.