How to Copy Files in Linux

Going to show you how to copy files in Linux.

Copying files in Linux can be done by a simple command line entry. Here’s my Linus computer. I have a file here, testcpp that I want to make a copy of. First let’s open it up And as you can see, there is the text It’s inside testcpp. What I’m going to do is, copy that file to a test2 file. So just say cp for copy Space testcpp .Which is the name of your input file. And the name of the output file.

Test2cpp Press enter and that command is executed. Now if I’ll do a directory listing. You can see that I have both, a test cpp and a test2cpp Let’s open up test2 and make sure that it copied correctly. There is the text that’s in test2 It’s that easy to copy files in Linux.