How to Connect to a Remote Computer Using HyperTerminal

Going to show you how to connect to a remote computer using hyperterminal. Let’s all type hyperterminal by clicking on your start button at the bottom, all programs, accessories.

We are going to choose communications then hyperterminal. We want to give our connection a name, I’m just going to say connect to server. You can name it anything it doesn’t really matter Seclect ok. It’s going to assume to begin with that you are using a telephone connection.

We’re not, so we want to change the connect using to a TCP IP connection. In the host address, type the IP of the server name that you want to connect to. The port number twenty three is going to be Telnet protocol. Select ok. Now hyperterminal is going to connect to your remote server and try to get you logged in.

Once that connection has been made, the server is going to ask you to log in Let’s just type our log in info into this prompt. We have now logged in to our Telnet server and all of the commands that we run here are being ran on the command prompt on that server.