How to Clean Windows XP Registry

Going to show you how to clean your Windows XP Registry.

What we’re going to use to clean our Windows XP Registry is a program called Reg Clean that comes from Microsoft. If you’ll just search the internet for Reg Clean, you’ll find the download for it. When you first scan Reg Clean, it’s going to scan your registry and look for any issues that it might be able to resolve. There could be some Registry keys that the program is been un-installed they’re just left hanging an it’ll find those and it’ll clear those right now it’s scanning my registry for any errors.

Depending on how much clutter that might be on your Windows Registry, it may take this program a little bit of time to run, but it’s usually very quick. Now that it said that it’s finish checking, it’s going to ask you if you want to fix the errors that it found Just click on fix errors. Click exit Now as you can see here, it’s created a Registry key file that represents all the changes that it made to my Registry.

I can right click on it and open up that Registry file with note pad or word pad, to see any of the changes that it might have made. It’s that easy to clean your Windows Registry.