Gaming Tips for your first going out

Warm up process that will help your game and infield more smooth and successful. These tips are based on my own experience, that I gained throughout going out alone and approached more than 50 girls. So without further do let’s get started. 6 gaming tips that will make your first giving out session successful.

Tip number 1

Start playing right after you step out of your house

If you see a really pretty neighbor. Go approach her. Get your number to text her later in a Facebook, or whatsapp. This is a mistake I made in the past I go out and I felt like this: “I really need to get to the city center, and then start playing” Well you may think it’s a good idea, you’re losing your mood your energy and the results maybe be weak.

Start playing right after you left your house. Prepare yourself for conversations. Set yourself in a positive mood.

Gaming tip number 2

Work on your posture

Work on your posture. At least straight up your back. There is such a low amount of girls that will be turned on by a man with a bad posture. It is a great sign for them that you are confident or in confident in yourself? So take your back straight.

Gaming tip number 3

Work on your head angle

Boy, these little tips are crucial. So please, pay close attention to them. Because they are small bells and whistles, that are tuning the right mood of your confidence.

So raise your head a little bit to gain more confidence. So here is an example for you. Here is how you might walking down the street while you’re in your mind. So this looks like you are not in a mood of outgoing conversation. So change your body language to outgoing and confident person.

To immediately gain some results. So this is a head angle you have most of the time. You need to just increase it by a few percents. This is a few angles upper, but the whole look is changing and upping in your game. Now you’re looking more confident, more awesome and people will notice it.

Gaming tip number 4

So to warm you up, before a game start with an eye contact

Boy! I know this may be hard for you as a hardcore first-person shooter player. But just start with the rise of your head up and looking at street and people around you. And if you are really, really hardcore gamer with strong social anxiety.

Try these tips. Try practicing eye contact while you with your bodies hanging out or when you’re feeling alone, riding a bike or go into a shop or mall or city center. Just practice the eye contact with the pedestrians and the people around you. Looking in their eyes and work in your confidence sight. So start making eye contact.

Start with males, because it will be a little bit easier for you to start with as a hardcore first-person shooter player. Then move on to females. Just look in their eyes walking down the crowd. You are confident in yourself, you’re catching their eyes and making the eye contact.

Start with not the prettiest one female and move on your eye contact exercise to more and more prettier girl. In this way you will prepare yourself for future conversation and approach. Then comes more hardest tasks in which to be honestly I’m not good right now.

Gaming tip number 5


Make the eye contact with the girl that look appealing to you and try to put on smile. Just a little bit. This will be hard! But start with a little, little smile or spark of positivity.

And see if she smiles back and turned her eyes down to the side. And turned her eyes down or to the side. Congratulation!  You made it! Your first seduction! So go grab a pie! But don’t overdo things. Just say what you’re thinking. Exactly what you’re thinking.

Something like this: “Hi, I feel a little bit nervous I saw you walking down the street, and I thought you really cute my name is” Whatever your name is MAN just go talk to her! Show your interest and tell the truth. You can even talk something like: Hi, my name is Peter I’m approaching girls today, and I thought you really cute.

Blah, blah, blah. We need to hang out or maybe meet each other someday. So you got it. Tell the truth. Why you may ask I need to do this? Why? You have a success! Because she already interested in you.

Smile to a stranger is a first sign that she is interested in you. Don’t be afraid to smile. Just don’t be afraid to smile. Okay? If you will look creepy. You’ll get a feedback