Fall Comedy Movie Preview

Superbad was a rather lucrative Summer comedy, but what about the Fall? What will be next season’s Borat?

The Brothers Solomon – September 7

As if a comedy directed by Bob Odenkirk, starring Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig and Will Forte wasn’t enough, here’s one more reason to make sure you have ten dollars to dole out on September 7: Arnett told EW that the script, about two brothers getting a surrogate to help birth a grandchild for their dying father, is possibly the funniest he’s read.


The Heartbreak Kid – September 21

Apatow: Aughts
Farelly Brothers: 90s
There was a time when the Farelly Brothers could do no wrong in Hollywood comedies, with Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary under their belts. This remake of the 1972 Elaine May film, which stars Ben Stiller, might not bring them back to limelight (or maybe it will). What is interesting is, unlike many of the comedies I’ve seen in the past year, the woman (Malin Akerman [Harold and Kumar], who play’s the Stiller character’s crazy wife) actually gets to have fun as opposed to being a bland, morally superior foil. Like Cameron Diaz in Mary, Akerman might actually be funny.

Dan In Real Life – October 12

Finally, a romantic comedy about advice columnists for cinephiles, comedy nerds frat boys and hipsters. Juliette Binoche, Steve Carell and Dane Cook star in this rom-com with a Sondre Lerche soundtrack.

The Darjeeling Limited – October (No Date Yet)

Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman onscreen together for the first time ever in this Wes Anderson comedy. Nuff said.

Bee Movie – November 2

Jerry Seinfeld writes and stars in this CGI film for Dreamworks. In ’98, Seinfeld told Rolling Stone that comedy wasn’t ready for the movies. Perhaps it is now?

Walk Hard – December 21

What seems most appealing about this Apatow-produced send-up, starring John C. Reilly, of rock/country biopics is that it seems to take such pleasure deflating baby boomer shibboleths left and right (The Beatles, Johnny Cash).