DotA 2 Patch Adds Lanya

Lanaya, the Templar Assassin, has now joined the ranks of DotA 2 heroes. Contributing to the already massive player list. Lanya carries ober with her a wide variety of abilities that she has been known for. Templar Assassin is a well known agility hero known for her trapping skills and stealthiness. She is played by more experienced gamers as a jungler and a ganker. Amazing in combat she can easily be brought down rapidly

Her ability, Refraction, allows Tamplar Assassin protection from six instances of damage while giving her 80 additional damage, Her second ability, Meld, grants her the ability to become invisible for an infinite amount of time also giving her 200 more damage and an eight second debuff. Lastly, her ability Psi Blades allows her to become a ranged attacker. Her ultimate is Psionic Trap, when casted is a trap that explodes and may be placed multiple times and activated remotely.

With the latest patch also comes several other features for DotA 2. Disrupter, Undying and Templar Assassin have all been implemented in Captain’s Mode. Individuals who have decided to attend The International will be receiving further details. The tournament will begin on August 31st with Templar Assassin included.This brings our hero count to 86 with 22 remaining