Demetri Martin Joke About Graffiti Spurs Actual Graffiti

“I wonder what Demetri Martin thinks of the impact he’s had on men’s room wall literature” | Men’s restroom in the Evans building @ The University of California at Berkeley | Photo: Christian Handley

In the 2006 breakout-comedy album, “These Are Jokes” by Demetri Martin, the New York brainiac and comedy maven has a great joke about graffiti:

“Graffiti’s the most passionate literature there is, you know? It’s always like ‘Bush sucks!’ … ‘U2 Rocks!’ … I want to make indifferent graffiti. ‘Toy Story 2 was okay!’ … ‘I like Sheryl as a friend, but I’m not sure about taking things further’ … ‘This is a bridge!’

In a rare meta-form of tribute, some diehard fans around the U.S. have taken to scrawling “Toy Story 2 was okay” on bathroom stalls, park benches and reservoir walls. As far as bathroom graffiti goes, “Toy Story 2 was okay” is pretty good, especially if you’re unfamiliar with Martin’s joke. And for those who do know the joke, we find it interesting that they feel so compelled to photograph the text and upload it to Flickr. Herewith, The Apiary presents* a collection of Demetri Martin’s real-life “indifferent graffiti.”